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The Burning Crusade raises the maximum possible fishing skill to 375. Master rank is trained using the book "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling". This is sold by Juno Duffrain, who can be found by the Umbrafen Lake in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh. The same vendor sells both to alliance and horde. The location is relatively easy to reach for someone at level 60 - just head west from the Hellfire Peninsular. The book costs 5 gold and can be resold. The book requires level 45 and fishing skill 275 to read. I assume this means characters not able to use the Dark Portal to visit Outland will still be able to achieve 375 fishing skill.

Each skill increase takes at least 10 catches - the increases are still somewhat random, with a range from 10 to 13. The average number of catches per point of skill gained was:

* Skill 300-350: 10.5 catches per skill point.
* Skill 350-375: 11.5 catches per skill point.

Increasing skill from 300 to 375 takes just over 800 successful catches. There is no need to fish in Outland alone - skill can be gained entirely in Azeroth too.

The following info shows the minimum fishing skill required to fish in different areas of Outland.

Zangarmarsh east (Umbrafen Lake, The Lagoon).

Terokkar Forest (Silmyr Lake, water near Tuurem), Zangarmarsh west (Marshlight Lake, Sporewind Lake, Serpent Lake).

Nagrand (east of Halaa, including Skysong Lake and the Elemental Plateau), Netherstorm (Eco-Dome Midrealm).

Nagrand (Lake Sunspring), Terokkar Forest (Blackwind Lake, Lake Ere'Noru and Lake Jorune).

Some of the named areas around the edges of Serpent Lake in Zangarmarsh have a base skill of 305, so it is possible to fish certain pools within the lake at this lower skill level. Blackwind Lake, Lake Ere'Noru, Lake Jorune and the Elemental Plateau can only be reached with a flying mount. Blackwind Valley and Skettis, also in the same area as Blackwind Lake, have a base skill below 375, probably 355 like the rest of Terokkar Forest.

Shadowmoon Valley and other areas in which Felblood Snapper are caught currently have a very low (under 300) skill requirement.

Another very good Master Fishing Guide can be found here:
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