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This is a profession usually taken on by those of higher (level 40+, usually 55+) level characters. To do this, you simply do instance runs or kill named bosses multiple times or do multiple runs through the instances in the chance of getting a drop. Before the patch that came out today (this was written the day the honor system came out), this is what almost all level 60 players did (since then, many lvl 60s have taken up pvp, attacking the crossroads for example and then with the battlegrounds patch, they go to the BGs).

Things to note:
This takes more time than being a gatherer - and the payoff *may* be higher. The *may* is the 3% chance, or .03% for some items, that an item worth x amount of gold at AH - I repeat AT THE AUCTION HOUSE - will drop (check to see the drop rate of items). So, with this type of way to make money, you may make 20g in a day or 200g or 2000g depending on what drops - pure chance. Now, some like this idea for the high potential.

Like I said, always sell the item at the auction house. If you don't know what it is worth, look at items similar to it and price accordingly. If you still don't know, put it up for some absurd amount
- there's a chance someone may buy it. I suggest putting what you want as the base price, and an absurd number for the buyout at 24 hour bid time - do this on the weekend as well as more people are on (at least
3x) during the weekends.

Example: The Deviate Scale Belt Recipe is a quest reward from the wailing caverns. My fiancee decided she would sell hers at the auction house.
She wasn't sure what it was worth, so she put it up for 50s base and 6 gold buyout, 24 hour time period. If you don't know, there's no way it should be worth more than 1 gold due to the fact that it is an easily obtained quest reward. Guess what - it sold! I guess whoever wanted it didn't want to wait the 24 hours to get the item (as most don't) so just bought it out.

It costs a lot to put those items up for bid. And if it doesn't sell, you have lost that money.

To compensate for this - first, always sell on Fri/Sat/Sun. Keep the items you get in the bank until the weekend. Also, put the item up around 7pm on Friday evening with a 24 hour bid time if you can.
Repeat on Saturday if you still have it. This will ensure the most people see it. Advertising isn't a bad idea as well - once every 30 minutes (once every 5-10 mins if you are on a high population server). You can do a /2 [item][item][item] at AH. People will click on those boxes to see what they are, just out of curiosity, almost always. To make the [item] that people can click on, shift + click the item when you already are entering text in the chat screen.

Last note - sometimes going for the lower level item may be more profitable than the higher level item. The higher level item will definitely be worth more - but you will be able to do more runs through the lower level area.

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