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Watchkeeper Gargolmar
Alright this is the first boss. If you cant kill this boss then get a new group. He is probably the easiest of all the bosses in HFC. Just a good old DPS fight. Just make sure you kill the 2 mobs he walks around with first! When Gargolmar gets low he will call out for healing. If they aren't dead, they will heal him. If by any chance they do start healing him, Shield Bash or Kick them. Other than the healing, this boss is like any other mob you have killed so far.
- Watchkeeper Gargolmar's Loot Link -

Omor the Unscarred
This boss isn't hard if you know what to do. Every once in a while he will curse you, but the curse doesn't do any damage to you, just to those around you. Therefore, the main thing to do in this fight is to spread out. This should be a ranged DPS only match. If you have too many melee DPS'rs, when one gets cursed the tank could die.
- Omor the Unscarred's Loot Link -

Nazan & Vazruden
This is hard boss if your not careful. When this boss is flying around he won't agro, but as soon as you kill the 2 mobs on the bridge (not the pats, the other ones), Nazan will drop Vazruden off in the middle of the circle. He MUST be tanked at the wall on the opposite side of the bridge, but you need to spread out. Nazan will shoot fireballs from above that explode and leave fire blazes (kinda like the Bat Boss in ZG and Onyxia combined). GET OUT OF THE FIRE as it hurts very badly. Nobody should be near the bridge at all. When Vazruden gets low Nazan will come down and attack. The tank should pick him up ASAP. If he doesn't it could mean a wipe. Tank Nazan on the wall opposite the bridge, and do not go near his head. This boss is like a mini Onyxia, and should be treated as though he was Onyxia. The tank should put on some FR gear, but it really is not needed for the fight.
- Nazan's Loot Link -
- Vazruden's Loot Link -

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