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Stock up on the following mats needed for Jewelcrafting profession either to make use of them to powerlevel yourself or sell them for a nice hefty profit when TBC is out.

I presume the lower quality mats like Copper Bar and Bronze Bar for example will be very sought after during the first week or so. You might want to buy lots of them now and simply AH them for large sums of money in stacks of 20 when the expansion comes out

Arcanite Bar
Copper Bar
Bronze Bar
Thorium Bar
Essence of Earth
Essence of Fire
Essence of Air
Essence of Undeath
Living Essence
Azerothian Diamond
Powerful Mojo
Huge Emerald
Demonic Rune

Example of craftable items from Jewelcrafting:

Arcanite Sword Pendant
+40 Attack Power
Mats: 4x Arcanite Bars, 4x Essence of Earth, 4x Essence of Air

Band of Natural Fire
Equip: Increases damage done by Nature by up to 29
Equip: Increases damage done by Fire by up to 29
Mats: 1x Fire Spessarine, 4x Essence of Fire, 4x Living Essence

Necklace of the Diamond Tower
+3 Arcane resistance
+3 Fire resistance
+3 Nature resistance
+3 Frost resistance
+3 Shadow resistance
Equip: Increase Defence +11
Mats: 2x Azerothian Diamond, 2x Thorium Setting, 2x Arcanite Bar

Living Emerald Pendant
Equip: Increased healing by up to 35
Equip: Restores 3 mana every 5 sec
Mats: 2x Huge Emerald, 4x Living Essence, 4x Powerful Mojo

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