Sunday, April 8, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 12:06 AM
This exploit will allow players to kill Prince Malchezaar without having to worry about the infernals!

As you go down the corridor into the balcony where the Prince is patrolling. When you get to the door, keep the raid approx. 10yards inside the door down the corridor. Now have the MT tank the boss outside on the balcony.

This will cause the infernals to land randomly on the balcony as normal, and the raid doesn't have to worry about them. The only time this can get difficult is if the infernal lands on top of the main tank (highly unlikely). In which case just give him extra healing as they don't do too much damage with the amount of healing he is taking!

Please note that doing this can be risky. If you pull the boss too far into the corridor at any point, you risk bugging the boss. If this happens, you can train a mob from downstairs up to Prince's room and literally stand right on top of Prince. This should force the Prince to aggro on someone and he will be reset properly.

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