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This is an extension to my previous Rare Mobs post. Kindly click on the mob name for more indepth details.

Normal Rare Monsters - can be done solo

Hellfire Peninsula
Mekthorg the Wild - Hellfire Peninsula
Location : Near Hellfire Citadel or Zeth'Gor.

Coilfang Emissary - Zangarmarsh
Location : Around one of the four steam pumps. Can be a bit tricky because of the frostbolt/arcane explosion it does, but still easily soloable.

Bog Lurker - Zangarmarsh
Location : Umbrafen/Feralfen/Daggerfen Village.

Terokkar Forest
Okrek - Terokkar Forest
Location : Veil Reskk/Shienor/Skith/Shalas

Doomsayer Jurim - Terokkar Forest
Location : Roaming near Shattrath and Firewing Point. This one is a warlock, he uses incinerate/shadowbolt/fear. Just make sure you're full life/mana before engaging him. Be careful if he's near Shattrath, it seems he can be aggroed and killed by guards (bye bye loots !).

Crippler - Terokkar Forest
Location : Pretty much everywhere in Bone Wastes/Auchindoun. Harder to kill him as a melee class because of the high armor buff he get when he reaches 50% life.

Goretooth - Nagrand
Location : Most of the water places in Nagrand. He can be underwater so he's one of your best chance to get a rare monster if you're looking for them, but keep in mind that he's the only crocilisk of the whole region so he's still easily spotted.

Bro'Gaz the Clanless - Nagrand
Location : Roaming in Nagrand, see map.

Ever-Core the Punisher - Netherstorm
Location : Circling around Manaforge B'naar/Ara/Ultris.

Chief Engineer Lorthander - Netherstorm
Location : Manaforge Ara / Ultris / Duro. Instead of Ever-Core, Lorthander can enter Manaforges and could be a little more harder to find, he look likes a blood elf with a staff (which isn't really easy to spot in these zones)

Shadowmoon Valley
Ambassador Jerrikar - Shadowmoon Valley
Location : Illidari Point/ Eclipse Point / Netherwing Ledge / Ruins of Baa'ri.

Elite Rare Monsters - require a group to kill

Hellfire Peninsula
Fulgorge - Hellfire Peninsula
Big earth worm with basically the same abilities as his friends, he will go underground and repop at a random location near you. He seems to be roaming randomly following three straight lines through Hellfire Peninsula.

Marticar - Zangarmarsh
Marticar is a strider, he doesn't hit very hard but has a nasty ray that could damage you a bit. But as all the other rare elite, there's really nothing you can't handle. He seems to be roaming randomly following three straight lines through Zangarmarsh.

Blade's Edge Mountains
Hemathion - Blade's Edge Mountains
Big drake. You will only find him in the flying mount accessible zone, west of Blade's Edge Mountains. He's immune to fire but won't cause you much problems as long as you've got the classic Decent-Tank/Healer/DPS combo. He drops rare breastplates.

Morcrush - Blade's Edge Mountains
What a surprise, a stone giant that splits when you damage him. Like any other stone giant he will use a war stomp and split into an add every 25%. Possibly the most easily kittable rare elite. Only problem is, like Kraator, he can spawns everywhere in east Blade's Edge so it's hard to fast-scout him.

Nuramoc - Netherstorm
Standard Chimaerok, he may (poison) spit on you if you're not nice with him.
He seems to be roaming randomly following three straight lines through Netherstorm

Shadowmoon Valley
Kraator - Shadowmoon Valley
Some kind of red inferno guy, he can summon adds and may conflagrate during the fight. Sounds like an impressive fight, but as other fights, it's nothing a group of lvl 70 can't handle easily.
Can spawns nearly everywhere in Shadowmoon, pain in the ass to look for him.

Collidus the Warp-Watcher - Shadowmoon Valley
Big eye. This one loves dealing elemental damage with a ray that may kill your tank if you don't have proper healing. Nevertheless, it should be easy as long as you've got a tank, a healer, and a dps class. Be careful if you're not using a warrior to tank, he can fear and he may rush healers / DPS classes while your tank is running around screaming like a girl. He seems to be roaming randomly following three straight lines through Shadowmoon Valley

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