Monday, November 24, 2008, posted by WoW Fan at 12:45 AM
Here is an easy and effective way to kill Jedoga Shadowseeker, the 3rd boss in the instance Ahn'kahet on heroic mode. She is generally pretty tough as she calls upon her minions and floating about in the air.

Anyways here is how to dispatch of her easily especially if your group doesn't contain any AOE classes for the elusive badge and Volunteer Work achievement.

Step by Step Guide:
1. Start the boss fight as normal
2. Tank until she enter phase 2 (floating in the air)
3. The whole group turn around and jump down the waterfall
4. Swim/run to the other side of the room and go upstairs on the platform
5. Wait patiently
6. After Jedoga Shadowseeker finishes the floating phase, she will run over to you
(she has a 15sec buff - 200% more damage but when she reaches you the buff will have expired)
7. Now tank/dps her until she run away
8. Just wait at your position and kill her when she comes back
9. Do step 6 to 8 (just waiting) until she is dead

Congratulations! You just killed a hard boss and got a new achievement!

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