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NOTE: Most of this instance's bosses are level 63, so being level 61 and not having them orange to you would be very helpful. Watch out for rogues, as they are stealthed all over the instance. They hit really hard and have a poison that can kill. Poison should be cured as fast as possible. The imps in this dungeon aren't like other ones. they hit 1000+ fireballs, and should be taken out first rather than last. There are also summoners in here, which can wipe entire groups if their casting isn't kicked. Technicians drop Proximity bombs, and rogues should get rid of them in stealth. DO NOT go near them as they deal 1800 damage to everyone around it. That should be all the special mobs. Now on with the bosses!

The Maker
This guy is a plain DPS fight. He will MC people once in a while, which could earn death if he does it to your healer or tank. So be careful. Sheep the MC'd people and DPS him down, and this is an easy fight. His main abilities are:
  • A melee knockup attack which will hit everyone in melee range and appears to have a threat reduction component.
  • A random target short-duration mind control which cannot be purged or dispelled. However, if the tank is mind controled, The Maker can be kited so the Adepts can remove the mind control.
  • A acid spray which appears to be a shortrange cone AoE.
- The Maker's Loot Link -

This boss is ugly, and really weak. The problem is getting to him. This boss is really easy to DPS down as he has really low health. The problem is the 4 groups of mobs you have to go through to get to him. When you pull the lever, the gate to the left (facing Broggok) will open. 3 Non-Elites will come out, easy right? The second gate will open. Same 3 Non-Elites. This is where it gets hard. The third gates open and 2 Non-Elites and 2 Elites come out. Kill the elites first, as they hit much harder than the non-elites. The 4th gate opens and is the same as the 3rd fight. Then Broggok comes out. This boss has low health but his poison hits hard. Whatever you do DO NOT GO BEHIND THIS BOSS!!!! He leaves a trail of poison that hurts extremely badly. He also shoots poison bolts, but they only hit 200-450 so its ok.
- Broggok's Loot Link -

Keli'Dan the Breaker
This boss is strange. Its like a dance of the group. Basically, kill the channelers which have relatively low hit points and he will come out. Just DPS him down. He explodes for a ton of damage. He has a cone-shaped AoE Shadowbolt attack that hits for 2-3k, so it is generally wise to have the tank hold him facing away from the rest of the group. Once in a while he will say "Come closer and BURN!", and he will kneel down which makes him immune to all damage, then after a couple seconds explode for 4-5k damage to anyone in close range. The tank (and any melee DPS) should run out when he yells to avoid this attack.
- Keli'Dan the Breaker's Loot Link -

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