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I found a really GREAT recipe to get my Blacksmithing from 375-425 by just making the same item!

Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece
Binds when picked up
Requires Blacksmithing (375)

Use: Teaches you how to make a Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece

Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece
Binds when equipped
Chest Plate
1545 Armor
+47 Strength
+64 Stamina
Durability 115 / 115
Requires Level 77

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 38 (1.03% @ L77).
Equip: Improves your resilience rating by 43 (0.65% @ L77).

Requires Cobalt Bar (4)

375 415 420 425

Yup. For only 4 Cobalt Bars (Cobalt Orex4), you can get from 375-425. Obviously, when you hit yellow/green it isn't a guaranteed point but none the less, its a VERY cheap item to make.


Where to get the recipe?

Since the recipe is BoP, you will have to farm it. Wowhead says its a 1% drop rate but that is not accurate at all since they are calculating ALL kills but this recipe only drops for blacksmiths. I got mine after about 25 kills.

Venture Co. Excavator
Level: 75 - 76
React: A H
Health: 10,635 - 11,001



On my server. Cobalt Ore sells for 50 gold for a stack of 20. In that stack of 20 I can make, 5 of these. The chest pieces you make can be disenchanted and with the right luck, you could break even or better yet, PROFIT off this.


75% Chance - Infinite Dust x 3.5
20% Chance - Greater Cosmic Essence x 1.5
5% Chance - Dream Shard x 1

My Server = 9-10 Gold Per Chest Piece

Infinite Dust x1 = 6 Gold
Great Cosmic Essence x1 = 25 gold
Dream Shardx1 = 25g

AT THE VERY LEAST YOU BREAK EVEN! Profit Potential for sure!

Anyways. This really helped me out so I thought I would share it. Best of luck!

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