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Easy Argent Crusade RepIn Zul'Drak you can get a quest at the Argent Stand called - Pa'Troll. This quest sets you out to complete 4 tasks around Zul'Drak.

Each task awards about 2,100xp and 250 Argent Crusade rep. The easiest task is Lab Work. This task takes two minutes max which requires you to gather four materials from a lab. As you can see in the WowHead link you get 2,100xp, 250 AC rep and 6 gold.

After you complete the quest given by the alchemist you can drop Pa'Troll and pick it back up at the Stand. Once you do this the quest Lab Work becomes available again.

Overall you can do the run between the lab quest and the run between the Argent Stand and the lab in about 1.5 minutes with about 40 completes a hour.

The experience per hour is pretty poor because there is no mob killing involved. However at level 80, this is a great way to gain Argent Crusade rep and grind gold.

Just make sure you DON'T complete this quest or else you will only have the poor daily 'Troll Patrol' as a followup which has a harder task from the Alchemist and not to mention it rewards far less as well.

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