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With the latest patch a new item was implented in the game known as Battered Hilt, this item starts the Quel'Delar questline which i assume ALOT of people will be doing.

Note: This ONLY drops in heroic mode from: Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection and the Forge of Souls.

1] Get the battered hilt, random trash mob drop in Icecrown 5mans.

2] Turn it in to an npc in Icecrown, just south of the argent tournament grounds.

3] Starts quest "What The Dragons Know" - sends you to Krasus at the top of the Wyrmrest Temple, you have to talk to the npc at the top before the quest completes. Then you turn it in to Magister Hathorel inside your Horde/Alliance area in Dalaran.

4] NPC sends you to underbelly and find a Silver Covenant agent, and kill him and search the body for Orders. The underbelly is the Dalaran sewers. I located the agent standing in front of the sewers innkeeper. Upon leaving the sewers another agent ambushed me and netted me down.

5] Turned in orders back at the NPC you got this quest from; The next part you have to get a Borrowed Tabard from Shandy Glossgleam. He is located on the balcony above the Threads of Fate shop. The problem is only one person can use him at a time, you can talk to him when he is free and start a mini-event to help him do his laundry. Simply stand back and click the item he calls out, pants/shirt/unmentionables/water. When you do about 10 things for his laundry list, he will drop a bag next to the tub containing the tabard you need.

6] Return with the tabard to the npc in your horde/alliance inn. You now become disguised for 5 MINS from the time you accept the quest.

7] You have 5 minutes with the disguise (if it wears off, the npc can renew it). As a horde I had to go to the silver enclaive and talk to an npc, the tabard kept the guards from teleporting me out. Talk to the npc att the top and get the book you need, then get out before the disguise wears off. Sadly this is the most epic disguise you might ever wear as a horde, and its only for 5 minutes...

8] With the book of blades in hand, go back to your npc at the inn. Now the next pat has you deliver the book to Myraion Sunblade. He is at Quel'Delar's Rest, south of the Argent Tournament grounds where this all began.

9] Turn it in and enjoy the show! (make sure your sound is on!) - The Blood-Queen Lana'thel finally shows herself.

10] You are now on Reforging The Sword: You now must get 5 Infused Saronite Bars from the Pit of Saron 5man in Icecrown Citadel. You must gather bars and capture the forgemaster's hammer, then bring them to the forgemaster's anvil to reforge the sword. The bars are located all over near the slaves, there are enough of them around the entrance where even after you cleared the instance you can go back and grab them. The hammer drops off the giant forgemaster, and you can forge your sword at the anvils all around him. Go outside the instance and turnin the quest at the npc outside the icecrown 5mans, he is also there.

11] Next you go to the Forge of Souls, go to the very end at the last boss, kill him, and forge your sword. That simple. Exit forge of souls, turnin quest again at the npc outside the 5mans. Now into the halls of reflection.

12] This is it, the big shabang. Use your sword at the beginning of the instance, Uther The Lightbringer will be waiting and start screaming at you for the mistake your making. Defeat the essence of the sword when it attacks you, then loot it. Zone out and turn it in again.

13] Head to Sunwell aisle, talk to the npc at the entrance to the plateau. He will tell you to go get your blessing to use the weapon. Head to the south end of the Dead Scar on the isle of Quel'Danas, and then head up into the scar about 50 yards. Click the corpse, enjoy the speech, then DEFEND HIM. You must keep the npc alive. You CAN buff and heal him, even bandage him. Two waves of level 80 adds spawn, their easy to aoe and let him tank/aoe. Then a 3rd wave of three 18k hp spiders spawn, take them out. Finally the boss standing nearby watching, becomes attackable. Just blow all cooldowns and nuke him, hes an elite with 37k hp, easily soloed.

14] Follow your map, back to the npc at the entrance of the Sunwell Plateau and turn in the quest after you have the ghost's blessing.

15) Turn in your quest, then grab the next. Now your ready to win the game. Talk to the warden at the Sunwell entrance to have him personally enter and escort you in. You are now in one of the coolest rooms in any dungeon int he game! Travel down the hill through the Shrine of the Eclipse and to the bottom. Once you are at the bottom, stand next to the beam of the Sunwell, and use your blade. Your sword will be restored and will appear as a lootable item around one of the sides of the Sunwell. During the process, one of the guards might become a little.. scared.. and attack you, but you'll remain relatively unharmed.
(Note: Turn on your game music, it gets pretty epic).

16] Take the nearby portal in that room to dalaran with your newfound weapon. Well, you don't have to, but you need to go back to ice crown. Go back to the rest just south of the argent tournament grounds.

17] Your done! Grab the quest and head back to Dalaran and get your new found epic weapon!

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At August 26, 2010 at 4:34 PM, Anonymous Mentor

Great post on the battered hilt. With Cataclysm round the corner now I would suggest sell it unless your a complete Lore lover.


At September 13, 2010 at 11:38 PM, Blogger Andrew

Thank you for the great post, it helped me complete the Battered hilt quest! now my Druid has an awesome mace. :D