Monday, August 10, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 1:17 AM
As most of you are aware, Blizzard have enabled flying mounts to be used in Wintergrasp when the battle is not active. I have recently been using this to my advantage by mining all the ores there! Here are some requirements needed:

1. 450 Mining
2. Patience & Time
3. Flying Mount (preferably Epic Flying)

The Wintergrasp territory consists of three different types of rocks or nodes:

1. Saronite Deposit
2. Rich Saronite Deposit
3. Titanium Vein

They are listed in order of least rare to rare.

Saronite Ore is worth about 15g a stack on my server. Titanium Ore, due to the mass need of the new epic gems is worth around 230g a stack on my realm.

Knowing this, this is how I manage to pull in a crap load of gold every hour.

First, I would start at the WG alliance base (when not having control of WG) and fly (Epic Mount) over this nice little route I have made from my experience mining.

Just follow the route above and you should get around 1 Stack of Saronite and maybe 3-10 individual ores of Titanium. I personally just keep going around that path for an hour, or until WG starts, when it starts I get the hell out of there and put my goods on the AH. I usually come away with this:

Around 5 - 10 stacks of saronite (75g-150g)
Around 1 - 2 stacks of Titanium
So it comes to around 400g an hour from selling all these ores.


I don't think this is AH dependent due to all the prices going up on Titanium, either way you're still making a huge profit.

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