Wednesday, June 30, 2010, posted by WoW Fan at 12:35 AM
Every now and then a spanking new guide hits the market that captures a niche or void in information needs that no other guide has yet covered. Recently, I had a chance to go through with just such a guide. The incredibly accurate and overwhelmingly detailed new monthly guide being released by Warcraft Formula. So here is a quick review of what I think makes this guide stands out among the many in the market today.

Well firstly the idea is bloody simple. You pay a small upfront fee for full access to a past library of Warcraft Formula guides going back to the release of Wrath of the Lich King and every month after that, for $17 you get the newest guide in the series. Each guide comes with PvP strategies, recent news in the game, class strategies, recent gold making tips, action plans, and information that is as up to date as it comes, written as often as it is which is rare and refreshing. As they always say, knowledge is power right?

You also get a cool bonus in the form of an Action Plan that guides even the noobs among us to build an account from the ground up to be as effective as the pros out there. What Warcraft Formula does is nothing short of astonishing, creating a new product that allows users of all skill levels to start out with nothing and build their way up to pro status every month with sharp, pointed strategy guides that make perfect sense and easy to follow.

It’s not a select guide cause you don’t get a leveling guide or a gold guide or PvP guide alone. But, unlike the guys offering those guides, you get information that isn’t three months old, unusable, known by many in the case of tricks or mostly nerfed. You get info as it is added to the game and you get strategies that no one else has seen yet. I was amazed at how much information is included each month in these guides even for a so called seasoned WoW player like myself.

To top things off, the guide writers – Brad Johnson and T Dub Sanders – are the geniuses behind Warcraft Millionaire and PvP Bible respectively, making them the best possible sources for all the top new info in the game. You can’t get much better than the best around in PvP and the best around in gold making. If you’re looking for the next big thing in Warcraft guides, this is it folks! Don’t miss out on Warcraft Formula if budget permits.