Monday, January 22, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 5:52 PM
This post is a special Thank You gesture to all you guys and gals for supporting my blog. I shall continue to do my utmost best to bring the best guides and strategies for your reading pleasure everyday if health and my unstable internet line permits. Anyways lets get on with the exploit itself.

Well sometimes I wonder, wouldn't it be nice to enter an instance and go straight to the boss rather than picking a long and tedious fight with all the spawns when the only thing I am looking forward to is the boss loot?

Well to my surprise, a friend shared with me recently that it is indeed possible in Hellfire Ramparts instance.

Here is how it is accomplished:
1] Look at the right side of the wall immediately as you enter the instance.
2] Wall jump up this wall (give it a few tries but it does take some practice).
3] When you get to that top part, go as far as you can then press left and then forward.
4] Then you'll reach the middle area where each path leads you to a boss!

Late yesterday evening, 5 of us went in and after a few practice jumps, we finally managed to make it through. I have to be honest and share with you all that I was one of the worst jumpers among the others perhaps due to my tiredness but I did managed to do it. After the practice run, we managed to run the instance again 3 more times in an hour... woot!

I do believe this will be fixed not too long from now, so enjoy it while you can!

Happy Hunting!

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