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This powerleveling guide is focused on leveling jewelcrafting from 1-300 as quickly and easily as possible when The Burning Crusade is released. This should give you edge over players who are unprepared when the expansion is out. I have chosen designs with easily obtainable materials opposed to cheap materials, and I have not considered resale value on items. If you have any suggestions, please share them with me at Additionally, this guide was written during the beta so design specifications and material are likely to change. Please keep me posted with what you discover so I can keep this guide updated.

Once the Burning Crusade is released, the below materials will likely increase in value as Horde and Alliance shuffle to their respected cities and try to power level Jewelcrafting. I strongly recommend not only buying what you'll need to level to 300, but also extras in case something goes wrong after The Burning Crusade is released.

Here is the list of best case scenario and recommended amounts of materials for 1-300 Jewelcrafting:

7g 12s 80c for training
180-240 Copper Bars
50-75 Malachite
100-140 Silver Bars
40-60 Shadowgems
100-140 Bronze Bars
75-90 Jade
90-120 Elemental Earth
120-180 Thorium Bars
30-45 Star Rubys
30-40 Large Opal

Acquire the above materials and then go to the Jewelcrafting trainer in Silvermoon / Exodar. You shouldn't have to leave once you start.


Learn Apprentice Jewelcrafting for 90c
Buy a Jeweler's Kit for 7s 20c
Craft 70 Delicate Copper Wire from 140 Copper bars (you will need at least 70 Delicate Copper Wire)
Your skill should now be level 50
Learn Malachite Pendant for 90c
Craft 10 Malachite Pendants from 10 Delicate Copper Wire and 10 Malachite
Your skill should now be level 60


Learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting for 4s 50c
Learn Inlaid Malachite Ring for 90c
Craft 20 Inlaid Malachite Ring from 40 Malachite and 40 Copper Bars
Your skill should now be level 80
Learn ring of Silver Might for 5s 40c
Craft 50 ring of Silver Might from 100 Silver Bars
Your skill should now be level 130


Learn Expert Jewelcrafting for 45s
Learn Ring of Twilight Shadows for 7s 20c
Craft 20 ring of Twilight Shadows from 40 Shadowgems and 40 Bronze Bars
Your skill should now be level 150
Learn golden dragon ring for 10s 80c
Craft 30 Golden Dragon Ring from 30 Jade 60 Bronze Bars and 60 Delicate Copper Wire
Your skill should now be level 180
Purchase Design: The Jade Eye from Gelanthis (the supplier with the 3 trainers, if you're Alliance you lose) for 22s 50c
Craft 45 The Jade Eye from 45 Jade and 90 Elemental Earth
Your skill should now be level 225


Learn Artisan Jewelcrafting for 4g 50s
Learn Thorium Setting for 31s 50c
Craft 45 Thorium Setting from 90 Thorium Bars (you will need at least 45 Thorium Settings)
Your skill should now be level 255
Undress the Kalinda in your mind while congratulating yourself for achieving 255 (if you're Alliance you won't know what I'm talking about, just /exit); if you're a chick.. undress her anyways (don't worry I won't tell)
Learn Ruby Pendant of Fire for 36s
Craft 30 Ruby Pendant of Fire from 30 Star Ruby and 30 Thorium Setting
Your skill should now be level 285
Learn simple Opal Ring for 90s
Craft 15 Simple Opal Rings from 30 Large Opals, 15 Thorium Setting and 30 Thorium Bars
Your skill should now be level 300

Congrats you're level 300! Please, if for some reason you copy this guide to your own page provide with a backlink. Good luck in the Outlands!

Remember, when The Burning Crusade is released, these items will be high demand. So you've got to stock up before the expansion hits shelves and is installed. What I'm saying is, make sure you have this stuff before you venture into the Outlands or you'll be wishing you didn't have to go back to collect materials.

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At January 6, 2007 at 10:02 PM, Blogger cooltopten

Hi there I am interested in warcraft, i have never played it and really dont know much about it.I have a blog
where i put fantasy battles together.what charectors would be the ultimate battle in warcraft?
please leave a comment there if you have time.
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At January 7, 2007 at 1:15 AM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

Thanks for stopping by bud. Well I visited your site and do not know where is a good place to reply to your question so I think here would be best.

In WOW all the characters are quite balanced so to speak with their own strengths and playability so it depends on your personal taste in terms of combat styles and so on.

In PVP environment, the usual champions are Hunters, Rogues and Warlocks but for the overall gaming and raiding experience, all class plays an important role and contribute to the tasks in their own way.

I play all characters and my personal favourite is the Mage cos I just love the animation and casting ability. Not to mention the crazy dmg as well. LOL!

Hope that helps!


At November 19, 2008 at 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

"Craft 30 Golden Dragon Ring from 30 Jade 60 Bronze Bars and 60 Delicate Copper Wire"

Error, you need GOLD bars, not BRONZE bars :)