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Vendor Pets

Varieties: Orange Tabby, Silver Tabby, Bombay, Cornish Rex
Location: Elwynn Forest, Northshire
Vendor: Donni Anthania
Cost: 40s
Directions: Follow the road southwest out of Northshire Abbey (the humanstarting area) and look for a house off the road on your right. You'll knowit's the right house when you see a large number of cats running around inside and outside.

Varieties: White
Location: Stormwind
Vendor: Lil Timmy
Cost: 60s
Directions: It is rumored that Lil Timmy is a rare spawn that walks around the canal in Stormwind who sells white kittens. They are half the size of the regular cats.

Varieties: Snowshoe
Location: Dun Morogh, Amberstill Ranch
Vendor: Yarlyn Amberstill
Cost: 20s
Directions: The Amberstill Ranch is northwest of the Gol'bolar Quarry. There will be a corral with rams in it, and a young girl running around chasing a rabbit. Catch the young girl and talk to her to purchase your own rabbit. This is also where you get the "Protecting the Herd" quest.

Varieties: Hawk Owl, Great Horned Owl
Location: Teldrassil, Darnassus
Vendor: Shylenai
Cost: 50s
Directions: Enter Darnassus from the road from Dolanaar and look for the owl vendor on your left next to a food vendor.

Varieties: Cockatiel, Senegal
Location: Booty Bay
Vendor: Narkk
Cost: 40-50s
Directions: Coming off the dock from the boat from Ratchet, look for the parrot vendor in the first building to your left.

Varieties: Black Kingsnake, Brown Snake, Crimson Snake
Location: Durotar, Orgrimmar
Vendor: Xan'tish
Cost: 45-50s
Directions: The snake vendor should be wandering around in the Valley of Spirit.

Prairie Dogs
Varieties: Prairie Dog
Location: Thunder Bluff
Vendor: Halpa
Cost: 50s
Directions: Near the bridge to Hunter Rise. He's on the side of the inn in asmall teepee facing away from the inn, overlooking the valley. You have to run around the inn and/or under the bridge to find him. He's on the southwest edge of the main bluff.

Varieties: Cockroach
Location: Undercity
Vendor: Jeremiah Payson
Cost: 50s
Directions: Look for the vendor in the Trade Quarter under the stair leading up to Bank.

Varieties: Ancona Chicken
Location: Thousand Needles, Shimmering Flats
Vendor: Magus Tirth
Cost: 1g
Directions: Sold at the racetrack in Shimmering Flats.

Quest Pets

Quest: Kibler's Exotic Pets
Quest Giver: Kibler
Level: 55-59
Location: Burning Steppes

Quest: En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why
Quest Giver: Kibler
Level: 55-59
Location: Burning Steppes

Mechanical Chicken
Quest: An OOX of Your Own?
Quest Giver: via Item
Level: 45-48
Location: Tanaris

Sprite Darter
Quest: Becoming a Parent
Quest Giver: Agnar Beastamer
Level: 44-48
Location: Hinterlands
Note: This quest is the third part of a series.

Looted Pets

Parrot, Green Wing Macaw
Drops From: Defias Pirate
Location: Deadmines

Parrot, Hyacinth Macaw
Drops From: Bloodsail Deckhand/Raider/Sea Dog/Swashbuckler
Location: Stranglethorn Vale

Dragon, Tiny Black Whelpling
Drops From: Scalding/Searing Whelp, Black Dragon Whelp
Location: Badlands, (southern) Duskwallow Marsh

Dragon, Tiny Emerald Whelpling
Drops From: Dreaming/Green Whelp (lvl 34-36)
Location: Swamp of Sorrows

Dragon, Tiny Crimson Whelpling
Drops From: Red/Crimson/Flamesnorting Whelp (lvl 24-27)
Location: (eastern) Wetlands

Cat, Siamese
Drops From: Cookie (Murloc Boss)
Location: Deadmines

Cat, Maine Coon
Drops From: Dalaran Spellscribe, Dalaran Shield Guard/Summoner/Theurgist
Location: Silverpine Forest, Alterac Mountains

Rat, Unconscious Dig Rat
Drops From: Dig Rat
Location: The Barrens (south end)
Note: This is a one time use item.

Crafted By Player

Mechanical Squirrel
Requires Skill: Engineering 75
Components: Copper Modulator, Handful of Copper Bolts, Copper Bar, Malachite x2
Note: The recipe for this item is fairly rare drop.

Pet Bombling
Requires Skill: (Goblin) Engineering 205
Components: Big Iron Bomb, Heart of Fire, Fused Wiring, Mithril Bar x6
Note: Thottbot listing:

Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Requires Skill: Engineering 265
Components: Living Essence, Thorium Widget x4, Gold Power Core, Rugged Leather
Notes: Thottbot listing:

Crafted By Player (Combat)

Compact Harvest Reaper
Requires Skill: Engineering 175
Components: Bronze Framework, Iron Strut x2, Gyrochronatom x2, Heavy Leather x4
Note: Thottbot listing:

Mechanical Dragonling
Requires Skill: Engineering 200
Components: Bronze Framework, Iron Strut x4, Cyrochronatom x4, Citrine x2,Fused Wiring
Note: The recipe for this item is vendor limited supply.

Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
Requires Skill: Engineering 250
Components: Mithril Bar x14, Heart of Fire x4, Truesilver Bar x4, InlaidMithril Cylander x2, Goblin Rocket Fuel x2, Star Ruby x2
Note: The recipe for this item is vendor limited supply.

Gnomish Battle Chicken
Requires Skill: (Gnome) Engineering 230
Components: Mithril Casing, Gold Power Core, Truesilver Bar x6, Mithril Bar x6,Inlaid Mithril Cylinder x2, Jade x2
Note: Thottbot listing:


Panda Bear
One of three pets Collector's Edition owners can turn in a voucher for.

One of three pets Collector's Edition owners can turn in a voucher for.

One of three pets Collector's Edition owners can turn in a voucher for.

How to Get a Cross-Faction Pet
Many vendored pets are available only in factioned cities or towns from factioned NPCs, leaving those not of that faction unable to purchase one by normal means. Since trades and mail are not allowed between members of the opposite faction, the only way to get yourself a cross-faction pet is through the Auction House in Gadgetzan.

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