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Quest Overview
The Ring of Blood is a quest line given by a Goblin named Gurgthock in the very north of Nagrand, at the Laughing Skull Ruins. The enterprising Gurgthock has turned an area of the ruins into a pit for some good old-fashioned deathmatches. The player starts off as an inexperienced newbie, and finds him or herself steadily pitted against more powerful foes as they win their matches. The fight only ends when one side is a red stain on the ground! Since the enemies encountered in the Ring of Blood are very powerful, this must be done in a group, preferably with a proper tank and healer.

The Trick
You can use as many people as you want for the fight itself and not just your particular group. Have the group on the quest accept it then hop into the pit and the other people can help kill the mob / heal the tank. Just make sure the group with the quest is getting the aggro on the mob first so they get credit for the kill.

The entire quest line is worth about 2 bars of experience at level 65, 60 gold, and 10 major mana or healing potions with the choice 1 of 6 different weapons equivalent to Naxx gear. Takes about 10 minutes from start to finish with 1 other group helping.

Heres a link to the entire quest line:

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