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This Alchemy PowerLeveling guide is by Highlander who is from EU-Terenas server. I've tried it myself and it works beautifully but success can vary + or - a few skill levels depending on your luck.

301 - 315
Volatile Healing Potion (1 x Golden Sansam, 1 x Felweed, 1 x Imbued Vial) x 20
N.B.You can make Major Mana Potions up to this point if you prefer. You'll need to make about 25 though.

316 - 330
Sneaking Potion (2 x Ragveil, 1 x Felweed, 1 x Imbued Vial) x 20

331 - 350
Super Healing Potion (2 x Dreaming Glory, 1 x Felweed, 1 x Imbued Vial) x 20

351 - 375
Major Dreamless Sleep Potion (1 x Dreaming Glory, 1 x Nightmare Vine, 1 x Imbued Vial) x 40
Goes green at 370, but it's easier to skill up on this, now that it's in the game, than use low drop rate recipes or faction rewards.
Can be bought from Leeli Longhaggle in Allerian Stronghold (Terokkar Forest) for Alliance and from Daga Ramba in Thunderlord Stronghold (Blade's Edge Mountains) for Horde players.

Approximate Materials Required:
20 x Golden Sansam
60 x Felweed
100 x Imbued Vial
40 x Ragveil
80 x Dreaming Glory
40 x Nightmare Vine

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At March 21, 2007 at 4:55 PM, Anonymous Huma

Thanks.. I was thinking on switching on Alchemy also, becouse the high demand, and the relative low price of the leathers..

I also can be a good Idea to write here an alternate to this the cheap-1-300-alchemy guide.. (By cheap I mean efficient..) created by the blizzardguides..

This also can be usefull to the fresh-starters


At March 21, 2007 at 10:37 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

What a lovely idea.. Thanks again Huma! Let me make it easier by making it a link:

Alchemy 1-300 PowerLeveling Guide



At October 5, 2008 at 2:48 AM, Blogger gononono64

for the Super Healing Potion its no longer 2 x Dreaming Glory but rather 2x neatherbloom to let u all know