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Deadly Boss Mods provides boss mods for all raid bosses with status bars for all timers. You can also use its API to write your own boss mods.

- Boss mods for all raid bosses
- Some boss mods have very advanced features like the Loatheb healer monitor which allows you to setup a heal rotation and see the cooldowns of all healers
- Synchronization system for accurate timers
- No dependencies, no embedded libraries, 100% stand-alone
- Modular design - all boss mods are plugins and can be exchanged, removed or updated separately
- Load on demand - boss mods and the GUI are separate AddOns and they will be loaded when they are needed, e.g. the GUI uses no memory if you don't open it
- Efficient code: very low memory (the API only uses about 700kb!) and CPU usage
- Special effects like the screen flash and the screen shake effect to draw your attention on critical events - for example DBM will warn you when Thaddius changes your polarity
- Bars can change their color over time and flash before they expire
- Four bar designs to choose from with a user-set color
- Option to create custom timers, so-called "Pizza Timers" for your pizza or whatever you prefer to eat while raiding
- Option to increase the range of your combat log
- Powerful object-oriented API - you can use it to write your own boss mods!

Slash Commands
/dbm - shows/hides the GUI
/dbm timer

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