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Credit - Lalecize

A 5 badge of justice Heroic Mechanar run is still possible. Here's how it works:

You can in fact get 2 badges from the cache of the legion.

Firstly grab your team of 5 and go into Normal Mech. Clear the first mini boss on the right (should take all of 5 minutes) and grab the red half of the key.

Go into Heroic Mech, and go left, and clear the second mini boss. You will get the blue key off him. You can then join the red you have from normal, with the heroic blue to make the cache of the legion key.

Clear down to the cache and loot your badges, BUT LEAVE the blue item in there.
The blue item stops the cache from despawning.

Now head back to the start, and clear right. Once the miniboss is down he drops the red key (keep this in your backpack to repeat the trick on your next heroic mech run). Once that miniboss is down head back to the cache (you can do so before or after the first real boss), and you will find another badge has appeared.

Roll on the blue and head on up.

So the total badges are:
Mechano Lord x 1
Cache x 2
Fiery bitch x 1
Pantys x 1

In summary the badge in the cache is spawned on the death of a miniboss, so this trick basically allows you to loot a badge after a miniboss is dead, and then respawn it by killing the second. The blue item left in stops the cache from disappearing.

Whats more is you end up with the red half of the key leftover at the end, so you only have to get it from normal mech once. After that you always have the first half!

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