Saturday, October 13, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 9:53 AM
Some quick tips on the current Brewfest event which will surely help shorten the time spent on obtaining the much needed tickets.

Brewfest City Barking
After you have barked at all 4 points, click on your normal epic mount, equip your riding crop, and go top speed back to the quest giver with out having to worry about fatiguing your ram. If you switch mounts before you hit all 4 points/flags and complete the quest, you will not "bark".

Pink Elekk quest!
1] You can find the Teldrassil elekks in shattrath city when drunk. Just circle the terrace of the light. Saves alot of time going all ze way to Teldrassil
2] If you target one elekk, start to sapp it, and target a new elekk, BEFORE you are done sapping the first, then the elekk you are targeting dies but not the one you were sapping so you can stand right next to one and sap one there about 100 yards away.

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