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Credit: Snarg of The Edge of Nowhere


My friends and I were making about 7,000 rep an hour using this method.

When exalted you can go grab a bag of gem each month at the Nagrand outpost (31,52). Our first bag had 4 blue and 2 green gems.

Ideally, you need the following group setup:

1 tank with 200+ arcane resist
1 healer
2-3 dps (works better if melee or hunter)

Here's how to do it:

Go to Mana-Tombs heroic with your group.
You have to clear your way to the first room where the boss is standing.
Kill everything except for 2 of the Ethereal Sorcerer.

Now, when you enter that room, on your left there is a big chunk of floor that is going up, like a ramp. Get your tank to grab the 2 sorcerers and tank the behind that big ramp, so that their spells won't affect the rest of the party.
But the tank needs to be in LoS from the healer standing on the other side.
Once the tank has enough initial aggro, he has to un-equip his weapon and spam Demo shout.

What happens is that the sorcerers will summon 2 small adds about every 10-15 seconds. The healer will get aggro from theses adds and they will come toward him, thats where the dps takes them down, they have very little hp, something like 4k. Be careful as they AoE explode for quite a bit and the bad part.. they aoe silence.. Thats why dps has to intercept them before they get to the healer.

You can all exit the instance if the hp of the sorcerers gets too low in order to reset them to 100%

Each add gives 15 consortium rep. 4 of them spawn each 10-15 seconds which means it is very possible to obtain Exalted within a few hours if your group sticks together.


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At October 11, 2007 at 3:39 AM, Blogger Gearoid

Tried this the other night, the summoned spawns didnt give any rep unfortunately