Saturday, October 20, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 10:23 AM
A very easy way to get to exalted with either Honor Hold or Thrallmar can be done via this method. Make sure you have a strong group who are aware of the objective before heading out as you will be sacrificing loots for rep.

Location: Hellfire Ramparts. Heroics or Normal.

Who: Vazruden and his mount, Nazan. The last boss of the instance.

Important object of interest:
Vazruden's War-Horn (pic on the right). The horn was added to the ledge of the last boss's spawning point, since there are many ways to kill him and some were causing him to despawn incorrectly.

The Exploit:
After you have killed Vazruden and his mount, you have several seconds (exact time unconfirmed) before the chest with the loot spawns, and you are unable to do this exploit.

After you have slain the two bosses, quickly run to the horn (you can't miss it) and click. Make sure your group is in on it!

This will respawn Vazruden as he was before you killed him- IE, with his mount. He will agro the same he did when you killed his Watchers.

The Result:
An almost limitless source of Reputation with Honor Hold or Thrallmar, with any good group.

Kindly note that once the chest is spawned, you will be unable to re-summon the boss.

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