Wednesday, February 6, 2008, posted by WoW Fan at 10:55 AM
Since the launch of the 10man Zul'Aman instance, the Bear Mount have been a sought after land mount for everyone. Obtaining it is another story altogether as it requires clearing the first 4 bosses within 45mins which includes the trash as well. Even with a well geared group this is still a daunting task which is why the Bear Mount is still as elusive as ever.

Now there's a way to get it done the easier by exploiting the timer. Do note that you would still need a full raid group to do this as you will need to clear the bosses as normal. Do note that the chest event will NOT start without doing the Gong Event.

The first thing you would need to do is to wall-jump up to the ledge right up to the small gap of the ZA gate just in front of the gong. Then delete your hearthstone and activate autounstuck. This will port you just over the gate and into ZA. Another technique is to get a warlock and 2 others to do the wall-jump and summon the others up. Here's a video of the wall-jump and location:

After everyone is inside, clear the trash mobs to all 4 bosses without touching the bosses themselves of course. Clear the trash to Eagle boss last. Then everyone just strip naked and die once all the trash are cleared.

Once resurrected inside the instance, quickly buff up and start the Gong Event. Then proceed to kill all the 4 bosses which your group will have ample time to do them since there are no trash mobs to deal with. This does not mean however that you can take things slow and easy as your group would need to clear the trash pretty fast to avoid respawns. Also be wary of the pats as well cause they respawn pretty quickly especially the 2 as you come down the stairs from the entrance.

The Bear Mount is a guaranteed drop from the 4th chest. Importantly, take note that doing this might get you a warning or your account banned if you have been warned before.

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