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Dalaran Cooking Dailies
There are a total of 5 daily cooking quests available and doing the daily cooking quests each day will give you 4-6 gold per quest, but more importantly, it will give you Northern Spices, which sell for about 8-10g each (and you can get 3-6 of them for each daily). So even if you don't do the cooking yourself, you can still make about 30-60g each day for doing a 5 minute quest. I think the longest I've spent personally doing one of these dailies is 15 minutes, only because so many others were doing it at the same time too.

Also one of the dailies is probably NOT worth it, but I'll get to that when I describe it below.

Prereqs: 375 cooking (to be able to make Northern Stew)
Backlog of Chilled Meat (a lot of the quests uses it)
Backlog of Rhino Meat (or Rhino Dogs) - needed for one of the quests - I believe you need to have a 375 cooking to be able to make these too.

The Quests

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
For this quest, you need to combine 2 Chilled Meat with 4 infused mushrooms and turn it in to Orton Bennet in Curiosities & Moore (he's on the upper level of the building across the street from "A Hero's Welcome" Inn - entrance to building is at 48.74, 57.80 and go up the stairs).

To get the infused mushrooms: Go into the sewers; easiest way is to run around the circle of wills looking for the mushrooms to spawn around the outside. If you're a herbalist, you've got it made. They can also spawn in the two long hallways or the black market. I try to avoid near the tavern as they tend to spawn underwater. It shouldn't take you longer than about 3-4 minutes to find all 4. Then find a fire and combine with the 2 chilled meat and deliver to Orton.

Reward: 5.8g, Dalaran Cooking Award x1 and Small Spice Bag (3-6 Northern Spices, plus potentially "Baby Spice", "Old Spice" and/or another Dalaran Cooking Award.

Convention at the Legerdemain
This quest (in my opinion) is not worth it, as you need 12 chilled meat to complete it (and they could go for a lot of money, especially on the day of this quest. I recommend buying chilled meat only when it's cheap on the AH, or farming it yourself - more on that later). Although if you have the meat, this can be the fastest quest of them all.

Go to the Cheese Shop (One More Glass - Entrance at 52.83, 34.21) and look around for the Jug of wine. It can spawn on any of the three tables downstairs, or on one of the few spots upstairs. Generally if someone has just looted it, it takes about 10-15 seconds to respawn somewhere else.

Then Make 12 Northern Stew out of your chilled meat, and turn in these items to Arrille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge (entrance is right across the street from the cheese shop). He's behind the bar on the main floor.

Reward: 4.4g, Dalaran Cooking Award x1 and Small Spice Bag (3-6 Northern Spices, plus potentially "Baby Spice", "Old Spice" and/or another Dalaran Cooking Award.

Sewer Stew
This is the only Dalaran cooking daily where you have to leave the city, but it's still doable at 70, but you have to be careful. Go to the Violet Strand Teleport Crystal (located in the violet Gate, east side of runeweaver square. there are two entrances to the building with the crystal, one from the middle of the square (going east), and one opposite Krasus' Landing, loc of entrance is 57.61, 46.50. Note if you go in from the middle of the square, you need to go downstairs, as the crystal is at ground level). Note that if you haven't done it yet, there is a quest to use the crystal to go down to the violet stand and back again given by the woman upstairs in the Violet Gate.

Go down to the Violet Stand, then head due east from the crystal. Be on the look out for wolves if you're less than level 75 or so, as they are your only threat and are usually level 78 or so. Avoiding the wolves, you want to cross the river and you should have a very easy time finding 4 Crystalsong Carrots growing around there. I've always seen a ton, and usually only spent about a minute or two getting all 4. Again, herbalists have an advantage here as they can be tracked.

After you get the carrots, head back to the violet stand (again, being careful of the wolves) and teleport back up to Dalaran using the crystal at 15.85, 42.51). Combine the 4 carrots with 4 chilled meat by clicking on the cookpot when near a fire, and you've got your vegetable stew. Take the stew down to the sewers to Ajay Green in the "Cantrips & Crows" tavern (note there is a cooking stove just about 10 feet to his left while facing him).

Reward: 5.8 g, Dalaran Cooking Award x1 and Small Spice Bag (3-6 Northern Spices, plus potentially "Baby Spice", "Old Spice" and/or another Dalaran Cooking Award.

Cheese for Glowergold
I personally like this quest because it doesn't require any chilled meat or Rhino meat. It does usually take more time though because the spawn rate leaves a bit to be desired. I'll share my technique though.

Once you get this quest, look quickly at the tables in the tavern. No sparklies, check upstairs. You need 6 half filled glasses of wine which spawn randomly on any tables in Dalaran. In A Hero's Welcome, they can spawn on the bar, on the table near the entrance, the two tables upstairs above the bar, or the three tables in the room upstairs behind the bar.

Next head into the Legerdemain Lounge and check the tables and the bar there. Then head upstairs to check the two rooms. Then, if I have patience. I'll camp out in the room with the 4 beds (and two tables). Put myself in view of both tables, and just wait. Average respawn time is about 1-2 minutes. This means it can take about 10 minutes to get all 6 glasses, but they sometimes will spawn on both tables. I usually do something on my other computer at this point or read the morning paper.

After you obtain all 6 glasses, go to the cheese shop (One More Glass - Entrance at 52.83, 34.21) and look at the 3 tables inside on the main level, or the table just outside for the cheese. It will respawn within 30 seconds after someone else looted it.

Right click on the plate (looks like a shield) to create your wine and cheese party, and deliver it to Ranid Glowergold at the Leatherworkers in the Magus Commerce Exchange (loc around 37.63, 32.80).

Reward: 5.8g, Dalaran Cooking Award x1 and Small Spice Bag (3-6 Northern Spices, plus potentially "Baby Spice", "Old Spice" and/or another Dalaran Cooking Award.

Mustard Dogs!
The benefit of this quest is that it is the only one which awards 2 Cooking awards plus the spice bag. It can get to be annoying, however, if you're not a herbalist. You've got to gather 4 wild mustard which grows in any of the grassy areas of Dalaran. Actually, there are only 4 areas where I've harvested it from:

1. In the middle of runeweaver square, there are 4 spawn points
2. In the grassy area between the violet Citadel and the Magus Commerce Exchange there are 2 spawn points, but one of them is bugged, and it spawns under a rock - don't bother unless you see the other spawn point.
3. To the left of the Violet Citadel, there are 3 spawn points, one of which is kind of hidden between the tree and the building itself.
4. There are three spawn points in Antonidas Memorial - one of them is behind the big tree on the North side.

After you get the mustard, click on the picnic basket to combine with 4 Rhino dogs, and deliver them to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus' Landing. He's about 10 feet from the Flight Path.

Reward: 5.8g, Dalaran Cooking Award x2 and Small Spice Bag (3-6 Northern Spices, plus potentially "Baby Spice", "Old Spice" and/or another Dalaran Cooking Award.

Best Place for Farm Chilled Meat
In Howling Fjord, just to the east of Camp Winterhoof (around loc 52,8) there are a tons of Rams. They drop the meat about 1/3 to 1/2 the time. They respawn relatively quickly, and there is a fair number of them there. I can get 20 meat in about just 10 minutes.

Hope this little guide helps! Get those cooking awards!

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