Friday, January 2, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 5:30 AM
Eternal Fires are far more expensive on the AH than any other eternals because they aren't as easily obtained just by merely mob farming. As a result of this, they normally go for 40-50g on the AH. The map below is going to assist engineers in making their farming of steam clouds a little bit easier by following the path shown.

What your going to be doing is farming Crystallized Fire and Crystallized Water off the Steam Clouds in Sholazar Basin. Your map of Sholazar should look like this if you did it properly:

Eternal Fire Farming

I personally followed the path shown above over a 1 hour period and I managed to obtain 108 Crystallized Fire and 37 Crystallized Water. So in total 10 Eternal Fire and 3 Eternal Water which netted me 486g all together after selling them on the AH while selling them at a slight price reduction compared to the competition. Happy Eternal Fire farming folks!

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