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For the Beta Build 12604 (it’s the newest version out) there is a mount that makes me drool because if you are unaware, the level 80-82 zones coming out in Cataclysm, are underwater zones.  So, here is a bit of eye candy for those who love collecting mounts as much as I do. Heck in fact I collect nearly everything.. lol!

As you can see this bad boy is called an Abyssal Seahorse and I am REALLY liking how it looks.  It’s new, it’s exciting, and I must say it looks good with a player riding on it.  It’s been reported that the swimming animation is a bit jerky and the mount itself sits too high off the surface of the water.  Blizzard, I’m sure, will fix these concerns because I would really like to have one of these lovely little ‘sea ponies’.  There are lot of different colors in the Beta Build and those with different colored tack but it’s unsure right now how to obtain the different colors (make sure you click on the image to the right to see the larger version).  What is fun about these mounts is that, while after learning – via quest givers – how to walk and breathe underwater, you will be given a rather long chain quest to ‘catch and tame’ your very own Abyssal Seahorse Mount.  I can’t begin to tell you how exciting that is cause WoW to me at times can be quite mundane and this brings back the good old days.  I hope, due to the Huntress in me, that the mechanics of this idea is worked out well because I am still praying with all my heart that Hunters will be able to tame their own mounts.  My list of “Want to Tame Mounts” just gets bigger each day.

Subdued Abyssal Seahorse is a quest reward from The Abyssal Ride.

Seahorse Mount
Erunak at Shallow's End

Quest progression

1.  [81] Better Late Than Dead
2.  [81] The Abyssal Ride

Lure and subdue an Abyssal Seahorse.

* Tie off the Seahorse lure
* Subdue an Abyssal Seahorse

You will receive: 15g 60s

Abyssal Seahorse

After accepting the quest, go to the ledge near the rift and use the Braided Rope.

A stake has been driven into the rock, and a long length of rope draped around it. This must have some kind of purpose.

The abyssal lure will swim off into the fast-moving water, eventually getting itself snagged by a manta. Hold on to the rope as the manta takes a tour around the kelp forest by either swinging left, right, and holding on tight as prompted. Players start out at 100 grip and lose 20 grip each time they miss a prompted action.

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