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Scarlet Spellbinders in the Western Plaguelands drop a lot of runecloth, gold, and green items, but more importantly the 300-400 gold Crusader formula. Spellbinders spawn in packs of 3 near Hearthglen. They're soloable with the right build, otherwise you might need to bring a friend. There's a tower in the area that has six Spellbinders inside. They respawn every seven minutes so you can clear out the tower, kill the mobs outside, then go back in and repeat. It's a great grind spot if you can handle it.

Furthermore, a LOT of runecloth is dropped here, not neccissarily as much as Blackrock Stronghold, but with the silver drops and the actaully frequent blue and maybe purple drops, it seems like one of the best places to farm.

Here are some basic strategies if you choose to go here:

Solo: Stick to the west end of the place, namely near the giant catapults, as there are good single spawns here. Bring food, and if you run out of guys there, a few are standing outside, and even in the houses (though there are groups of two in the house right next door), and by that time there should be respawns.

Warrior or Rogue/Priest: You can pull multiples from the spots above, but also outisde the stronghold you can pull groups of 3 or 4, depending on the placement, which is easily enough for either class to handle with a good healer. Also, if you are a warrior, in the middle part of hearlthglen, there is a section looking like a lumber mill with non-elites. You can pull almost all of those with a warrior (about 10 guys), and keep aggro with thunderclap, demoralizing shout, etc, and whirlwind the guys and sweeping strikes to get a quick chance at blues. Personally I received two blues in one hour from this group. There is also the mine right across the path, which is full of non-elites.

Mage x2: Here is a very fun combo, if you are a mage and have a mage friend. Ice spec is ideal for this, as blizzard and ice block are very helpful and maybe even essential. Using Ice sheild (800 dmg absorb) you can pull the back of the mine all of the way out, and take the guys right outside the mine too (maybe 25 guys), and basically you want to have the mage not pulling stand right outside, so when the pulling mage gets back the other mage can frost nova and keep them in place. Then both mages should just blizzard the spot, and with improved blizzard there is a reduced movment speed, which will keep the miners in place until they die.

Another interesting way to do it is pull some elites (yes it can be done), in the same fashion, but chances are they will get to one mage first. Try and get one mage to have more aggro than the other, so when the elites group by him the other mage can iceblock which the non-aggro mage can cast blizzard there. You can also alternate frost nova if the timer is up, and it makes it easy to pull up to 10 or 15 guys. One may want to practice with the non-elites first, because one slip up will most likely mean death.

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