Wednesday, January 31, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 12:51 AM
Dear Valued Readers... Kindly check out this general warning from Blizzards Customer Support team about a new version of a classic gold scam...
This is a warning regarding a current new variety of a common scam. Recently players have been reporting to Game Masters in-game mails which are imitating the style of mail sent from an in-game NPC. These mails are pretending to have a "reward" attached to them. However, the mail is actually an attempt to scam gold from the recipient through the use of a wrapped COD item for a sum of gold. This new variety of this scam is using titles and text to imply that they originate from the Argent Dawn. To further add to this illusion the name of the sender is typically also related in some way to Light's Hope Chapel or the Argent Dawn.

While Game Masters are working hard to track down and action these scammers, one would do well to stay clear of any such suspicious COD in-game mail. As always, one should never accept a COD mail where the item is wrapped so that you can not see the item itself.

Thanks and Be Careful with your hard earned gold.

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