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In order to get to Attumen the Huntsman who is the first boss, you must make your way through the stables killing undead horses and stablehands. You must clear all of these in the stables before you get to Midnight (who is standing in the middle of the stable) as attacking Midnight will pull all of the adds on you.

1. From the moment you kill the first mob in the stable you have 25 mins to engage Midnight and start the boss fight. If you take longer than this the adds will start to respawn and any respawns will attack the raid when you start the boss fight.

2. Both the horses and the stablehands can be shackled by a priest.

3. Have a mage cast Detect Magic on the horses your tanks are fighting. They buff themselves with magic which increases their strength by 20%. This debuff can stack several times allowing the horses to do an incredible amount of damage in a short time. The buff can be stolen by a mage reducing the damage output considerably and making things much easier on the healers. We had no shaman with us at the time but it may also be possible to purge this buff. A priest's Dispel may also work.

4. When fighting the horses make sure all of your ranged people are just barely outside melee range. If you are too far away from the horse it will charge you and do an AOE fear attack on impact. This can really mess up your day if you run into and pull another group. It's almost certainly a wipe and means you will have less time to get to Midnight before the 25 min timer runs out. Stay close and the horse will not have enough room to charge.

Boss Fight Tactics

1. Ranged and melee DPS and healers all stand in front of the corral with Midnight standing in it. Midnight is yellow to start with and so will not agg on anyone in the raid until someone attacks him.

2. The Main Tank stands directly in front of the ranged group, between them and Midnight.

3. The Off-tank starts the fight by engaging Midnight. Midnight only seems to hit plate for around 2000 dmg and does a bucking attack directly behind him with melee DPS should be aware of. At this stage the only melee on Midnight should be the off tank. Wait for the DPS call and start DPS, staying at range (THIS INCLUDES MELEE DPS).

4. At around 95% health Attumen the Huntsman will show up and he will NOT be happy at the way you're treating his horsie! He will instantly charge the ranged group. The MT (who is standing in front of the ranged group, remember?) will have around 1-3secs to build enough threat on Attumen to get aggro. There should be NO DPS on Attumen at all. Attumen is immune to taunt (and so is Midnight) so aggro-control is vital - keep an eye on the threatmeter throughout the fight. If you steal aggro from either of the tanks then stop what you're doing until they get aggro back. Shield bash is a good way for the MT to get aggro from Attumen quickly when he spawns.

5. Once the MT has aggro he should pull him to the left, away from Midnight and out of melee range of the ranged group and disarm Attumen as much as possible. Attumen may resist this but keeping Attumen disarmed will reduce his considerable DPS by 60% and really help out the healers. A warlock's Curse of Weakness on Attumen should be used once the MT has Aggro. The MT should have his back to the corral wall if possible as Attumen appears to do some kind of knockback.

6. Keep Attumen and Midnight in line of sight (LOS) of each other at all times during the fight. If they lose LOS then Attumen will not mount up in Phase 2 of the fight and, even if you somehow manage to kill him Midnight will bug and return to its starting position if you do. Blizzard say this is acting as intended and will not reimburse you lost loot for this.

7. Once the MT has aggro and Midnight and Attumen have been seperated you can begin full DPS on Midnight Only. STILL NO DPS ON ATTUMEN. Melee DPS run to Midnight as well and attack from the side and slightly behind Midnight but not directly behind to avoid his bucking attack.

8. When Midnight is at 20-25% health (although it seemed lower to me) Attumen will wipe aggro and run to Midnight and mount up. He will also return to full health. Remember to stop all DoTs well before this point and, as soon as Attumen runs towards Midnight, everyone but the MT should STOP ALL DPS IMMEDIATELY!

9. WAit for a new DPS call from the MT. The MT and OT should continue to disarm the mounted Attumen to reduce his damage output.

10. Occasionally Attumen will randomly charge a member of the ranged group. Healers should throw a heal towards this person. All healing in melee should be on the MT and OT only. Melee DPS who take damage should back away from the fight and bandage or take a healthstone or pot.

11. DPS until he's dead!

It's a good idea to come prepared for this fight. Bring any food that can increase sta and +dmg. Tanks might fight Greater Stoneshield pots useful and high armour and sta for tanks is a must. Whoever is tanking Attumen should disarm as much as possible to make the healers job easier.

Loot Drop List

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Hey dude.. may I ask ur guide to BM also? that's the only thing which separates me from kara :-)


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Hiya bro... sorry I've not slept in 36hrs... can you be more specific? LOL! Cheers!