Tuesday, April 24, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 12:26 AM
“Level 1 – 60 in 20 days guaranteed! Only $XXX!”

I’m sure these ads look familiar. You've seen them on blogs and WoW-related sites. How many of us have used such services? Some Wow players despite it while others are active users.

Sites such as the The Unknown Gamer level your account as a service, and I see no reason as to why someone should be penalized for using such a service. If I want to skip some of the boring, early levels of the game and get right into the later part of the game action, I shouldn’t be penalized for using a powerleveling service.

Though others would argue that it is ridiculous to pay for a game and pay someone else to play it. Such is the controversy associated with powerleveling in WoW. Furthermore, there are tons of basic knowledge and strategy to the game that only game play experience would provide. Powerleveling overlooks that for first time players.

On the other hand, at the higher levels, it takes an incredible amount of time to just go up a few levels. And what if I want another rogue? Starting a rogue or warrior all over again is entirely out of the question more so since I've gone through it before. Leveling from 52 – 57 is ridiculously hard and I’d prefer to have no part of it. I shouldn’t have to bother of leveling just because I’m on a new realm.

Is Powerleveling for WoW worth the risk of Blizzard or suspending your account? When might it be worth the risk one have to wonder?

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At April 24, 2007 at 5:16 PM, Anonymous Huma

I agree wuth the "ridiculous to pay for a game and pay someone else to play it" point of view.. and my personal opinion is, that I find most of the lvling part good, not boring.. seeing a character evolve, is a great fun.. But I also admit, that ppl, who has their 5th, 10th character, may find the lvling a bit boring.. for them, there are free guides all over the internet, and by following those, one can lvlup a character to 60 in less then 2 weeks, and another 1 week is the lvl 70. So 3 week, and u have a brand new lvl70 char.. It doesn't worth it, to pay to some1 for that.. (and ofc, I didn't mention that u can support ur lower chars with ur main's money)

The other thing is that is prohibited.. Blizz designed this game, they set the rules, and if u don't like the rules, well.. u always have other choices (Aion, later this year I hope :-) )..

My suggession is, that u want ur char pwerlvl-ed ask a friend of you to play, or find some1 among ur friends/family.. I for one report every bot/cheat/ads/wispers and all kind of inappropriate behavior. U can flame me, but this is the way I play.. I played my char, it was hard (and fun)..

Though I could be fine with an opinion to help ppl, who already have a lvl70, to rise another char(s).. but thats for the suggession forums.. ^_^


At April 25, 2007 at 12:29 PM, Anonymous Daniel

It's incredibly annoying to get all those in-game whispers and mail promoting such powerleveling services or buying gold.

It's illegal for one, and more importantly I don't trust power-leveling services simply because of security issues. I don't want my account compromised in any way.


At May 12, 2007 at 4:25 AM, Blogger el ranchero

Patronizing powerleveling services just convinces them that spamming and spam-whispering and spam-trade-channeling us all day long is a good idea. They're like telemarketers: you buy from them, it's vindication of their ad methods, and everybody suffers. The very existence of their business is an annoyance to all of us.


At June 9, 2007 at 10:14 AM, Anonymous Richard

It is rather silly the big deal people make over this.
Anyone who uses these services for a class they haven't played are just not going to know how to play. But when it comes to the exchange of gold or services for cash, I don't see the issue. It is far from illegal, just against Blizzard policy (now).
The only people who complain are people who have to stick their nose into other people's business and are the only reason Blizzard even has the policies they have on in game services.

There is nothing wrong with it. Get over the fad of trying to be holier than thou about stupid crap.