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All the gold counts per hour just stands for the amount of actual gold you make while grinding and vendoring the trash items. It doesn't include any items sold to the auction house. I am wanting to expand this guide even more so if you have a grinding spot please let me know and I will add it here.

(**Level and class of character**)
(**Level of Mobs**)
(**Total Amount of Gold per hour in that spot**)

Level 32 Warrior (Arms spec)
Location: Shimmering Flats, running laps skinning/mining en route
Level of Mobs = 30-35
Total Gold= 3g per hour
Level 33 Mage
Location: Shimmering Flats
Level: 30-35 critters
Total Gold = 3g 24s per hour
Level 35 Warlock
Location: Boulderfist Outpost (near Refugee Pointe)
Level of Mobs = 30 - 32
Total Gold = 2g 50s per hour
Level 38 Rogue
Location: Deadmines
Level of Mobs = 15-25
Total Gold = 7g 55s per hour
Level 44 Mage
Location: STV gorillas NE of BB
Level of Mobs = 40-41
Total Gold = 4g 50s per hour
Level 44-45 Mage
Location: STV Nagas NW of BB
Level of Mobs = 43-44
Total Gold = 2g 68s per hour
Level 47 Warrior
Location: Tanaris Ogre camp
Level of Mobs = 46-48
Total Gold: 4g per hour
Level 47 Paladin
Location: Undead in Azshara
Level: 45-47 IIRC
Total Gold = 6-7g per hour
Level 48 Druid
Location: Tanaris(SandSorrow Watch)
Level of Mobs = 43-45 Elite Trolls
Total Gold = 5g per hour
Level 48 NE Hunter
Locations: Scarlet Monastery grounds and interior Outside the instances
Level of Mobs = 29-32 Elite
Total Gold = 4g 66s per hour
Level 48 Warrior
Location: The Slag Pit in Searing Gorge
Level of Mobs = 46-48
Total Gold = 6g per hour
Level 50 Mage
Location: The Hinterlands
Level: 49-50 Saltwater Turtles on the Shore North of Horde town.
Total Gold = 6g 60s per hour
Level 54 Hunter
Location: Nagas in Azshara
Level: Lvl 48-51
Total Gold = 15g per hour
Level 56 Hunter
Location: Razorfen Downs
Level: 37-42 Elite mobs
Total Gold = 5g per hour
Level 58 Rogue
Location: Scarlet Monastery - Library Section
Level of Mobs = 32-35 Elite
Total Gold = 19 - 21g per hour
Level 60 Hunter
Location: All Blue Dragonkin, Azshara loc roughly (39,77)
Level of Mobs = around 51 elite
Total Gold = 7g 34s per 30 minutes
Level 60 Hunter
Location: STV - Cold Eye Baslisks
Level of Mob: lvl 40
Total Gold = 4g 50s per hour
Level 60 Paladin
Location: Khazaran, Deadwind Pass
Level: 59-60 Undead Residents
Total Gold = 4g 44s per hour
Level 60 Rogue
Location: Jadefire Run - Demons - Northwest Felwood
Level of Mobs = 51-54
Total Gold = 5g 67s per hour

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At April 16, 2007 at 3:28 PM, Anonymous Huma

" All Blue Dragonkin, Azshara loc .."

This is the birthsplace of the goldfarmers.. last time I was there there were at least 6-7 goldfarmers in that location.. ~_~

And what about the locations in Outlands? or at lvl 70? do u have any tips to that too?


At April 16, 2007 at 4:10 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

Yo bro Huma, most of the outlands locations are mentioned earlier already. :)


At April 16, 2007 at 9:51 PM, Anonymous Huma

:-O /blush /sorry (must be becouse of the Monday =)