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Firstly to catch your attention, I've made 600g in a week off of using this method in Scarlet Monastery. Now you may not make that much but I will tell you that this does make a lot of money especially when you get lucky with one of the chests.

NOTE: This guide is meant for speed not for exp its used to get the best loot possible in Shortest time.

Once you enter the Graveyard go in either
1. Stealth past the door mobs.
2. Kill them all.

Once you get in to the front of you should be a chest either locked or unlocked do not get that yet. First look left and you will see 2 mobs, 1 is a normal instance scarlet the other is Interragator Vishas which is your first target. I sap the add and kill Vishas and wait for my energy and kill the other if not just kill both with AoE Solo w/e as long as it gets done. Once you have killed him loot Vishas and DE the blue dagger if he drops it. If he drops Brass Knuckles thats 30s at vendor.

Once you're done with that go and get the chest but be warned there are 4 mobs guarding it and unless you're level 70, you can't grab the chest without aggroing them. So just kill them all. For me I'll sap one and pull the others against the wall and Adrenaline rush + Blade fury them and then I'll finish off the loner. Loot the chest, it usually contain a green item and sometimes a Large Knapsack (12 slot bag) which sells for a decent amount of gold like 3g on my server and some other trash, move on to the next area which would be the graveyard zone. Chest #2 will be to the rectangle fields to the right or to the left near the statues. Loot it and skim the area for rare spawns. The one I know of is to the left, he circles the tomb and hits pretty decently. He has a good chance to drop a BoE blue which sells for about 15g on my server. Kill the Rare spawns that you find and move into the bosses tomb. Move your way down to the bottom and kill the boss and if he drops a green or blue, just DE it for a shard.

This is the one I usually do and if you're not a rogue this is probably the longest one due to the large number of mobs. Go in and clear the mobs if your not a rogue. Then head into the courtyard and kill Loksey if u want the whistle. Move out of the courtyard and go in to the first room and in one of the next rooms there will be several mini rooms to the left. Once u get there, go to the furthest one and there should be a chest guarded by 3 mobs. I use my blade fury/AR move to clear them loot chest (These ones have 2 greens and a chance for a good blue). Then move into next rooms.

WARNING: while you are clearing the chest room be warned there is always a mob that walks in and out of there constantly so look before you kill them. Make sure to snare those mobs because they aggro in a matter of seconds of running in fear.

Keep moving until you get to the rooms with 2 mobs at every corner (not the big rooms with bookcases) you should see another chest in those rooms guarded by 2 mobs kill em and loot the chest). Once you're done doing that, move to the boss and start DPSing him once he bubbles immediately move as far as possible from him, he will cast a blast wave that hits for 500+. Once he's done you can pretty much finish him. Loot him and he always drops 1 piece of his armor (Mantle of Doan, or Robe of Doan) and most of the time a blue either Hypnotic blade or Illusionary rod which are 4g shards when you DE them.

This can be very hard for people under 60... accept for rogues and feral druids. You have to make a path that gets you to Herod without aggroing which usually mean right in between 2 groups . Once you get in to Herod, let your cooldowns cool off. He is a level 40 elite but hits like a 50ish elite. Immediately hit him with your strongest move that you can cast during a fight (e.g. Pyroblast, Ambush, Aimed shot, etc.) then he should run up to get you. Immediately jump down to where he was to get your mana some replenishing time. When he gets back down, start DPSing him.

Note : He is immune to stun and bleed so don't waste mana on that.

Once he starts spinning back off and bandage, heal w/e and wait for him to finish. Once you get him below 50% he will enrage and do lots of damage so dps him fast and once he starts spinning bandage again and be ready, I suggest shielding yourself with w/e u have. Once he's done he will charge at you and hit for around 300 and follow with a hard hitting cleave not even a second after charging you for another 300+ dmg. He will repeat this until you kill him, this is when I use cooldowns like Evasion, AB trinket etc. to finish him and DE his drop (another 5g shard). I made 300g of him because I got my lucky as he dropped Bow of Searing Arrows (Epic bow that sold for 250g). Once your done a lot of mobs will enter the room they all die in 1 hit so Aoe them. If your a rogue I would suggest vanishing and leaving unless your an engineer and you just bomb them to kingdom come.

I personally wouldn't suggest doing this unless you can AoE over 40 mobs at the same time. If you can just make your way to cathedral and hit the boss with a hard hitting move like you did with Herod to take most of him out then all the mobs will come for you once they get to you frost nova or stun or daze or w/e them and Unleash Aoe Havoc. Once they are dead, loot and kill the UD guy in the other room and get your Phat loot.

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