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Basically, you get back in time when Medivh is opening the Dark Portal. Bad Dragonskins try to stop him. Time rifts will open where mobs will spawn. The rifts are timer based, which means that more than one rift can be open at the same time. If the spawns manage to kill Medivh, you failed and you need to reset the instance. Same goes if they manage to kill you. Notice that if you talk to the NPC at the beginning of the instance, you will receive an item called 'Chrono Beacon' which will be very useful.

Time Rifts
The time rifts can open at 4 different spots on your map (East / West / North / North East). Like described before, Dragonskins will spawn. There will be 1 Rift Lord per portal, this is the only elite. As soon as you've killed this Rift Lord, the Portal will close. As long as the portal remains open, more non elite dragonskins will spawn. You will some (like 15 seconds) time to rest after a rift.

The Rift Lords
You may have 4 different sorts or Rift Lords spawning, here are the cases
Warlock - AOE Shadowbolt / Fear on second highest aggro target / Curse increasing spell damage taken by 50%(To do: Shadow Aura / Fear Ward / Decurse)
Mage - Instant Pyroblast on random target / Blastwave / Frostbolt (To do: Fire Aura)
Warrior 1 - Sunder Armor
Warrior 2 - Mortal Strike
Basically, you're happy if you get a melee, they aren't too hard to handle but have a lot of HP. The two casters are kinda squishy but can nuke pretty badly.

The Plan
Everybody in the party should start by getting a Chrono Beacon from the NPS. Buff up right away and fight your way till medivh (around 10 lvl 70 non elite beasts). Once you get close to Medivh, I'd say 20 yards, the encounter will start and the first rift will open. Basically, you want to dps the Rift Lords down as fast as possible to have the least spawns possible. The spawns will mostly have 2 target, either Medivh or your healers. Now we have 2 cases: Either you have decent dps and there won't be more than 4 or 5 spawns per portal, or your dps will slack and you'll have more spawns. If you can manage to kill the Rift Lord with 5 or less spawns, then do it and let the spawns go wherever they want. If not, let 4 people focus on the Rift Lord and let 1 person handle the spawns.

The Group
I'll tell you the group we used when we cleared the instance. Notice that this is not a needed group, just the one I had which seemed quite nice to me:

Warrior - Our tank was fury specced, but did a nice job. Keeping aggro wasn't too much of a problem but a protection warrior might be more useful
Rogue - Our rogue was quite decently geared and could dish out some decent damage. He will enventually have to evasion-tank on the second boss for a few seconds
Paladin - Our paladin was holy specced with some good +healing gear. He will be your main healer during the encounter since he could get some aggro from the spawns (if you are using the nuke-rift-lord-technic) and plate will help him. His bubbles will also come in handy.
Priest - Our priest was used for damage and for healing. He had some very good damage gear (+600 dmg), which means he could pretty much nuke single targets. He had a damage discipline spec, allowing him to have Divine Spirit which was quite handy. When fighting rift lord, he used his damage gear and switched to healing gear for bosses.
Mage - Our mage pwned so hard, you can't even imag... Oh, well, I was there and did some dmg, spec isn't important, even if Blast Wave and Dragon's Breath come in handy here.

The Different Rifts
Rifts 1 - 5 - Shouldn't be too much of a problem, focus on Rift Lord, handle the adds once the rift is closed, rest and get to the next one
Rift 6 - First boss called Chrono Lord Deja. This is a basic tank and spank fight. Uses some kind of AOE (nature based) that can be easily outhealed. Notice that the spawns will continue even when fighting bosses. We had me dpsing all the adds while the rest of the party focused on Deja
Rifts 7 - 11 - Now you'll start be become nervous. The rifts will spawn a lot faster, but still nothing you can't handle. You might eventually use you first Chrono Beacon on the 11th rift to clear it as fast as possible to have time to rest
Rift 12 - Tricky part! Second boss called Temporus. He has an ability like Fankriss, a stacking debuff reducing healing taken by 10% which stacks up to 10 times. You don't want your tank to have more than 6 debuffs. Now you might be lucky with resists and stuff like that but don't count on it. If your tank has 6 debuffs and you're far away from killing the boss, make sure your rogue is second highest in damage and use a little Blessing of Protection on your warrior. The debuff lasts 10 seconds, which means our rogue will have to Evasion-Tank for this duration. Spamheal him! You can imagine that you don't want this fight to last too long (if needed, use Shieldwall on this boss, you won't need it later). Have the whole group focusing on the boss. Spawns will probably go for Medivh. Once there are 4 spawns on him, pop up another Chrono Beacon next to him, your dragon will take care of the mobs
Rifts 13-17 - Rifts open quite fast, focus dps on Rift Lords! Keep your 3 last Chrono Beacons for waves 15 / 16 / 17, don't hesitate to pop them there. You'll have to deal with waves 13 and 14 as good as you can.
Rift 18 - Last boss, Aeonus. Quite a joke, don't let him face the raid. He has a frontal AOE and uses an AOE Timelapse for 3 seconds on the whole party. Keep a Heal over Time on your maintank and loot!

Additional Infos
Use potions! For our first tries, we potted up like hell, healers using Adepts and Healing Power Elixir, me using Wizard Oil and Adept's Elixir and our melee having Mongoose. Cooking can be very handy here too. Our tank popped a flask if I remember corretly, it's a nice help, but not necessary needed. On our third run, we managed to clear the whole rifts without using potions and having our 5 Chrono Beacons for the last boss. Basically, we stood there while they killed him.

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At May 3, 2007 at 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Guaranteed win: take a boomkin with you. His aura will boost your other caster(s) and they're ideal for taking out the adds and stacking a few dots on the rift lords as well (fairy fire, insect swarm, the moonfire dot). Meanwhile have the rest of your group nuke the rift lords.

Portals spawn every 3 minutes from wave 1 to 6, every 2,5 minutes from wave 7 to the end. After wave 10 the rift lords and their adds become considerably easier - once you've gotten past Temporus, you should be able to beat the instance easily unless your healer is sleeping on the job :)

Oh and a wipe doesn't mean you fail the instance - it means Medivh gets pounded and dies, hence failing the instance. If you die, you can still be ressed (or even run back in).

After each boss you will have a minute or so to recover mana or rebuff.

As for the beacons: using 1 or 2 on the second boss is indeed advisable - however save the remaining beacons for the final fight. They're a great distraction for Aeonus if he gets too close (joke or not this guy can hurt Medivh a lot quite easily) and pop the final beacon after you've killed Aeonus so you can go and slack off while the dragon kills all remaining adds :p

Anais - High Voltage - Arathor (EU)


At May 3, 2007 at 4:38 PM, Anonymous Huma

Ahhhhh!! This is what I needed dude, thank you very much..

My problem was, that I was assigned to adds, and continued to take care of them, even when the 2nd boss came in, so the dps on the boss was not enough.. tried it 2 times so far, but we failed on the 2nd boss, and the parts was disbanded, before telling me what was the problem. ~_~ but anyway, this is a great guide, and thanks for it.. :-)


At May 3, 2007 at 8:31 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

Thanks for your indepth input Anais... great guild you must have there.

Huma... at the end of the day, I always believe it all depends very much on the guild and quality of its members. Its not a wonder anymore to me to see guild hopping on my servers. I really pity those guild leaders who started with such bright intentions but lack the follow-through and people touch.


At May 4, 2007 at 4:58 AM, Anonymous Ratoon

The first 2 runs we had problems but.. as I see it the best way to do this instance is not assigne one person to adds but to have all on boss and 2 dps are on the ready for an add, when the adds come they switch target.
With focus fire it took 2-3 seconds to burn down an add and a rift would seldom give out more than 3 adds before we closed it.
I know it can be a tough one in a pug but still its very doable as long as you deal with people who got experience.


At June 7, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

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Cheers, See You Around