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This is an awesome WoW glossary for those of us who can't seem to comprehend certain WoW terms. I remember my noob days and someone would say something like WTB and I'd say "What does WTB mean?" and they'd be all like "n00b" haha lol. I wish I found this back when i didn't understands it all cause it would have been useful to understand what certain acronyms meant.

AC Armour Class, high AC reduces the damage you take when attacked.
Add When another monster joins an existing battle.
AFAIK As far as I know
AFK "Away From Keyboard" term used when you can't respond or do anything in-game for a short amount of time, since you're temporarily not at your computer.
Agi Agility
Aggro Short for aggressive; when a monster will attack you if you get within a certain distance of it, and/or are most "hated" by the monster. Also the act of a monster attacking you without provocation.
Aggro Radius Area around an aggressive monster where it will aggro on you when entered.
Alpha Test Internal testing that doesn't include the public.
Anti / Anti-PK A player who kills PK's.
ASAP "As soon as possible"
Avatar A PC character. "Avatar" really means the representation of a god on earth; in-game this means the representation of you in-game.
Area of Effect (AE/AoE) Usually referred to spells that affect a designated area.
Auc Short for auctioning.

BC Short for The Burning Crusade
BE / BElf Blood Elf
Beta Test Public testing; closed beta is a restricted public test, and open beta means anyone who wants to join may join.
BFD Black Fathom Deeps; an mid-level instanced dungeon in North-Western Ashenvale Forest
Bind Point Area where you will return to if you use your hearthstone. You will need to speak to an innkeeper to bind in a different location.
BRB Be Right Back. A term signalizing that you will leave your computer for a short amount of time, then come back, or that you will, in-game, leave the person you are talking to for a short amount of time (For instance to go to a town and drop off loot).
BRD/BRS Blackrock Depths/Spire, high-level instanced dungeons in The Burning Steppes
Broken A spell, ability, class,or tactic that is unbalanced and overpowered; also see cheesey
BRT "Be Right There"
BTW By the way
Buff Spell that enhances a player's abilities.

Camp Area where a certain group of monster(s) spawn, ideal place to group up and get XP from; can mean same as Log.
Camping When a player or a group of players stay on the exact same place to hunt a special kind of creep, often with very little risk for their own life, only to reap benefits like gold, items or experience, making it hard or impossible for other players to hunt there. Can also mean killing the same player(s) over and over.
Carebear Player who prefers PvE over PvP
Caster A spellcaster; a class that rely more on damage-dealing spells than physical combat.
Char A character, see avatar.
Cheese(y) A spell, ability, class, or tactic that's more powerful than any other and offers an unfair advantage to a player; often referred to as broken.
Critter Harmless ambient life that doesn't give XP.
Creep Same as mob.

Damage over Time (DoT) Something that hurts target over a period of time; I.E. poison.
Debuff Spell that hinders a player's abilities.
Direct Damage (DD) Spell that instantly hurts a target as soon as it's cast.
Disc. / Discon. An involuntary disconnection from a game server.
Dmg Damage.
DPS Damage per second.
Dorf Short for dwarf
Draenei Alliance race available in the expansion The Burning Crusade

Experience (XP) Points you gain from killing enemies; get enough and you'll gain a level.

FH / FOH Full (on) Health
FM / FOM Full (on) mana
FTW For the win
FR Fire resist
FWIW For what it's worth

Game Master (GM) In-game customer support; answer questions, help out players, a GM is a Blizzard employee.
Guild Master (GM) The leader of a guild, a cooperation of players of the same faction.
Gank A PvP fight were one side is seriously outnumbered, and have no chance of victory. Often just one character being attacked by four or five others.
Gimp A character who doesn't live up to his full potential, often using low level equipment or focusing on poor skill combinations
GG Good game
GJ Good job
GL Good luck
Goldshire (GS) A city in Elywnn Forest.
Gratz/gz Short for "Congratulations". Might sometimes be spelled with an "s" instead of a "z".
Griefing Disrupting others gaming experience even though there is no reward for the griefer. (Thus the term "Griefing", causing grief to others)
GTG Good to go or alternatively got to go, it can mean either depending on it's context.

Handle Screen name/Online Alias.
HF Have Fun
Hit Points (HP) Your health, amount of "hits" you can take; measured in points.
Hume Short for human

IF Ironforge
IMO / IMHO In my opinion / In my humble opinion.
INC Incoming; used when a target is moving towards you to attack.
Instance A copy of a dungeon loaded for your or your party's personal use.
INT Intelligence
IRL In Real Life

J/K Just Kidding
joo / j00 L33t for you.

KK Okay
KOS Killed on Sight, used in some MMOG's when the guards of a city attacks a criminal, and the criminal gets instantly killed.
Kill-Stealer Someone who, without consent, kills a target someone else is attacking.

Lag Latency; connection to server.
Lamer Someone who does something which disrupts someone else's gaming experience, usually to gain something (Like exp).
Leveling Fighting monsters with the purpose of gaining a level.
L33t / Leet / 1337 Used about something that is "cool", a particularly powerful character, someone who's skilled in PvP, or about someone who speaks in a particular way. Instead of saying "You're a poor player, and I'm better than you in PvP" these say "Omgz, U sUck, I oWnzor u in PvP".
Leech Stealing XP from some other person's/people's work without self effort, usually without consent.
LFG Looking for group
LOM Low on mana
Loot The items that you can pick up from a mob/player that you killed; the act of taking said items.
LOL / lol "Laugh out loud" commonly used term when something funny happens / someone says something funny, generally when you would have laughed in real life.
LOS Line of Sight. Some spells and abilities requires your character to be able to "see" the mob/player without any environmental obstructions.
Log / Logging Signing off; leaving game.
LMAO "Laughing My Ass Off"

Lvl Level

Mana Energy you use to cast spells; measured in points.
MT Main tank. The primary person responsible of holding a monster's attention.
Meatshield One who takes all the enemy's hits to hinder the enemy from attacking more vulnerable team members, like priests or spellcasters.
Med/Medding/Meditate Resting to get your mana back.
MMOG / MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing) Game, like World of Warcraft or Everquest
Mob Monster
Mule A character made solely for storing items or to gain proficiency in crafting skills to "backup" the players main character.

Naxx Short for Naxxramas, a high level winged instance in Plaguelands.
NE Night Elf
Nerf When a skill or a class gets some of its benefits lessened or removed, in order to balance the game, that skill or class gets nerfed.
Newb/Newbie/n00b A person that has never played the game before; saying "n00b" implies that you think they're a complete idiot, so avoid using that version.
Newbie Zone Area around starting cities where newbies first start killing mobs.
NPC "No Player Character" A computer controlled character or creep.
No prob / NP "No Problem"
NT No text
Nuke To shower a target with damage spells.
Nuker Spellcaster who throws a lot of damage spells on a target.
NM Can be either "not much" or "never mind"
NVM / NM Never mind or not much

OMG "Oh my god!" term used to express surprise about something.
OOC "Out of character" Term used to signal that it's "you", the person playing, who's talking, not the ingame character/avatar. Mostly used by roleplayers.
OOM Out of mana.
OMW / OOW On my way / on our way
Onyxia Onyxia is a dragon and is the first "raid content" in the game.
Owned When something gets beaten severely.
OT Off tank. The secondary tank (and so on) to hold the attention of monster(s).

Player Character (PC) Character in game where an actual person is controlling it.
Pet Summoned NPC that fights for you and does your bidding.
Ping Response time from client to server; measured in milliseconds.
PK Player kill(er); Used in PvP.
Point Blank Area of Effect (PBAE/PBAoE) Spell that affects the area around your character.
Pop Indicates that a target has spawned nearby.
Powerleveling Having a player kill an enemy much much too high for them while a high level character keeps them alive, to quickly gain levels.
PP Perfect play
PPL People
Proc Programmed random occurrence. When a special ability on a piece of equipment activates by chance; e.g. with a fire sword with a 10% chance of doing additional fire damage, the weapon would proc when that activates.
Pull Grabbing an enemy from a distance and making it come your way.
PvE Player versus Enemy; Fighting against game created mobs.
PvP Player versus Player; when actual players are pitched against other actual players.
Pwned Same as owned.

QED Quod Erat Demonstrandum; Latin for "which was to be demonstrated," when something is proved wrong.
QL Quality Level. Higher quality level means the items is more powerful.

Raid Large-scale attack on an area, usually involving guilds.
RDY Short for "ready"
Relog To log off then log back in, often done to fix bugs.
Real Life / RL Not ingame, out in the real world.
Release Usually referred to when a player goes back to the Graveyard instead of waiting around for a Rez, however, the player can still be resurrected after a release.
Respawn When someone or something something appears again after being killed or taken.
RFP Ready for pull
ROFL "Rolling on the floor laughing", stronger version of lol.
Rez/Res Short for resurrection; bring a dead player back to life so they don't have to suffer as much death penalty/walk back/etc.

SM Scarlet Monestary, a mid-level dungeon found in Tirisfal Glades
SP Skill points
Spawn When a mob first appears or reappears after getting killed.
SPI Spirit
ST Sunken Temple, short for Temple of Attal'Hakkar.
STA Stamina
Stack When multiple of the same item can go into one item spot; a stacked item that reached the maximum amount possible for that stack, or when similar effects work simultaneously on the same target.
STFU Used in the same manner as "Shut Up", when someone is very annoyed and wants someone to keep silent.
STR Strength
Sup? Short for "What's up?" often used in the beginning of a conversation.

Tank One who takes all the enemy's hits, due to the characters strong focus on defense and hitpoints.
TB Thunder Bluff
TBA To be announced
TBC The Burning Crusade, the first expansion of WoW
TBD To be determined
Teldrassil The Tree that is central to Night Elf life in World of Warcraft.
Temple Short for Temple of Attal'Hakkar, a 50+ instance in the Swamp of Sorrows
Thx / TY Thanks or Thank You
TP Talent points
Train When a player is followed by a large number of mobs while fleeing, often causing the mobs to attack innocent players. Usually happens by accident, but can be done intentionally. This is considered griefing.
Twinking Giving a low-level character high-level equipment in order to make him better than his level, a twink is the opposite of a lamer.

U You
UC Undercity
Ur Your
Über German for big and great, used to signal that something is especially good. A rare sword can be considered "Über" if it's properties greatly surpasses what is considered normal.

WF Westfall
w00t A l33t expression of happiness for something good that has happened.
WoW Abbreviation for "World of Warcraft"
WTB / WTS / WTT (F) Want to buy / Want to sell / Want to trade (for); can be grouped up, e.g. WTSoTF means "Want to sell or trade for."
WTG Way to go!
WTH An expression of high shock or disbelief.
WTF An expression of extreme shock or disbelief.

XP See Experience.
XR The Crossroads is a major flight hub for the Horde in Central Kalimdor in the Barrens, and also serves as a major quest hub for level 15-20 Horde players

ZF Zul'Farrak, a high 40s instance in NW Tanaris
ZG Zul'Gurub, a 20 man raid instance in Stranglethorn Vale.


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At May 29, 2007 at 4:41 PM, Anonymous Huma

I've written hte same in hungarian, but it has absolutelly no use to u..

It's really usefull to have these too.. there are always some1 who is new to this world..


At May 29, 2007 at 9:14 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

Whoa... nice comprehensive list there Huma. Any additional ones to add here? :)


At May 30, 2007 at 9:09 PM, Anonymous Huma

I'm not sure. I translated many english words also.. We should make a comlete website about this :-D

btw. 4400g+ I got yesterday!! the skettis rep grid is really good.. not that good, but i guess till u get exalted with the Skyguards, u get ~2k g as well..