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Here is a little guide to help you farm the formula for +40 Spell Damage to a weapon. It drops from the Razaani Spell-Thieves in Blade's Edge Mountain, and it's quite a pain with all those Flesh Beasts changing from hostile to docile. Below is a map of all the spawn points of the Spell-Thieves.

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Point A
Is a simple pull. If you have a flying mount, farming is simple. Fly north of A to the edge of the spire and pull the Spell-Thief without getting any adds.

Point B
Is also simple if you wait for the mob to patrol near point A. It is also handled like mob A.

Point C
Is a pain, because no matter where you go, you will always pull the Raider/Nexus Stalker, and sometimes a Flesh Beast or another pat.

Point D
Is a simple pull. Fly into the center of the rock formation to the right of it and pull it.

Point E
Is a little tricky. If you wait for the flesh beast to return to it's docile state and make sure the pat is walking away from the Spell-Thief, then you can instant pull it and back up about 30 feet southwest of E's spawn point.

Points F
Are random Spell-Thief patrols that walk along the outside of Razaan's Landing. I only noticed one spawn every 15 to 30 minuites, so when you take care of points A through E, fly around the outside to see if any have spawned.

Each technique gives you plenty of time to loot the corpse and mount up before aggroing anything else. After one or two hours, you will have yourself the formula for Major Spellpower to a weapon.

Please Note:
The next patch is taking the formula away from the Razanni and giving it to the Bash'ir, but for those that don't want to wait, this guide is specially for you.

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