Tuesday, May 22, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 12:59 AM
"Motes of Shadow now primarily drop from void creatures and have been removed from nearly all demons."

Stated above is a Recent PTR patch note. With this said, coming after the patch which is real soon, motes of shadow are going to be extremely harder to come by compared to how common they are now.

This being said, either buy these while there cheap before word gets out and patch is released, or farm these babies as much as you can before the patch releases. These primal shadows will be used a lot more after the patch, there will be bosses which require shadow resist gear, and resist potions which use these.

So buy/farm and save em up, it will make you very wealthy in the future! Or even just save em up got urself...I have over 100 primal shadows i been saving in the bank, and about to get some more asap! Now would be a good time to finish up your Aldor rep!


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