Saturday, January 3, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 6:15 PM
In naxx, in the Death Knight Wing there's mobs called Death Knight Cavaliers and they have a spell called Bone Armor.

Effect: Apply Aura: School Absorb (Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, Physical, Shadow)
Value: 1200000

So, that is a massive 1.2 million damage absorbed. They also cast it quite often too ( every 10 sec or so) and best of all it is spellstealable. Now you must be wondering what the exploit is in spellstealing a spell from a mob... Well, here it is:

Arcane Talent: Incanter's Absorption Rank 3

When you absorb damage your spell damage is increased by 15% of the amount absorbed for 10 sec.

How it works is very simple, every time you get hit it adds a buff on you for 10 sec, with 15% of the damage that the attack was absorbed. You can have as many as those buffs as you want, but bear in mind that each buff will fade after 10 sec.

So, lets make a quick calculation here... You get the buff... get a couple hunters to MD to you and you pull Razuvious. He hits you for 80k (as a mage) 4 times, that is +12,000 spell damage to you each hit.

Since that buff absorbs damage, you do not have to worry about pulling aggro at all, we've had our mage tanking all the death knight wing, 3 shotting mobs, running around with 50k to 100k spell power tonight. The important thing is to keep all the 3 cavaliers on you, so you always have a bone shield to spellsteal.

Do note that this works in 10 man version too, but sadly the 10 man version of the bone shield only absorbs 50k and not 1200k.

Here is the video that inspired this exploit:

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At March 31, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Would like to point out the very last sentence of "Incanter's Absorption". It states as followed "Total spell damage increase cannot exceed 5% of your Health."

With your average mage running around with ~15k Health. You cannot exceed 3,000 Spell Damage Increase. Lets say you had a fully Buffed PvP Mage with 30k Health... still only 6,000 Spell Damage increasement.

So your Exploit is without a doubt broken and not doable.


At July 30, 2009 at 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

This was a great exploit until that line was added into Incanter's Absorption. "Total spell damage increase cannot exceed 5% of your Health" was added in because of this bug being discovered.