Tuesday, May 5, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 9:58 PM
This rare Sea Turtle mount is the only mount obtained via fishing. Upon riding the Sea Turtle, it gives a 60% increase in your un-buffed swim speed. On land, sadly it runs only at your normal running speed. Nevertheless, this is still a much sought after mount.

The Requirements
- Minimum 480 Fishing Skill
- Riding 75
- Lots of Patience

Other Helpful Items and Tips
- Any Water Walking spell or Potions
- Fishing Buddy addon with the option "Easy catch" ticked (start fishing with just 2 clicks)
- Auto-loot On
- Find fish tracker

Fishing Spot Map

Fishing Rare Turtle Mount- Click To Enlarge Map -

This is one place with a lot of fishing schools, always have 3 or 4 ready to be fished continuously.

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