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The Great Feast
The Great Feast is an extremely effective and helpful way to provide food buffs to your raid, second only to Fish Feast as far as raid food quality is concerned. This guide is written mainly with Horde in mind but applies to Alliance as well but with different flight-paths.

Also, if you are a skinner you'll love getting the ingredients for this feast. I usually get between 60-100 Borean Leather each time I farm for 20 of these on my rogue.

• You are level 80
• You can do some form of AoE (this will only affect timing, not the mobs or locations)
• That you are farming for a full stack of feasts (i.e. 20 total feasts)

Chunk o' Mammoth x20
Shoveltusk Flank x20
Worm Meat x20
Chilled Meat x40


Obtain: Shoveltusk Flank
Starting from Dalaran, get on the flight plan to New Agamand. Once there, mount up and ride along the coast south of Westguard Keep (Alliance Town). Every 40-70 yards there will be 4-7 Shoveltusks.

The mobs you will be killing are:
• Shoveltusk Calf (lvl 63-68)
• Shoveltusk Stag (lvl 64-69)
• Shoveltusk (lvl 63-68)

They are very low level so you should have no trouble blowing through them. Expect to spend about 10 minutes or so of killing to get 20 flanks. Once you have all the flanks, turn around and go back to the Westguard flight point. From there, take a bird to either Dun Niffelem or K3 for the Worm Meat.

Obtain: Worm Meat

Make your way to the cave where you get the oil for the Helm quest at Hodir. There are a reasonable number of mobs here with a fairly consistent repop rate. This will take longer then the Shoveltusk or Mammoth, mostly because you are single killing targets a lot of the time. I would say 15-20 minutes depending on luck and whether others are farming.

The mob you will be killing is:
• Ravenous Jormungar

At this point you have two options: You can either head outside of the cave and kill the roaming mammoths or (and this is what I do) you can hearth to Dalaran and get on the flight path to Borean Tundra.

Obtain: Chunk o' Mammoth

I choose to go to the Tundra for three reasons. First, there are tons of Mammoth there. Second, I can blow through 40 Mammoths in the time it would take me to kill 10 in Storm Peaks and wait on the repops. Third, I can kill until I get my mammoth meat, walking North as I kill and then I get dumped right in the Basin for the Chilled Meat. Saves time.

The mobs you will be killing are:
• Mammoth Calf
• Wooly Mammoth
• Wooly Mammoth Bull

20 Chunks o' Mammoth should take approximately 5 minutes.

From here, walk right into the Basin and kill everything there. They all drop Chilled Meat and you'll get your 40 needed extremely quickly.

And there it is, you have the ingredients needed to food buff your raid. It takes me about 35-45 minutes including travel time to get all of these ingredients. In addition, you can make a handsome income once again if you are a skinner.

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At April 5, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Anonymous Gario

Thanks for the guide, it is very helpful. What if you are not 80 level yet? Do you have any recommendations?


At April 11, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Blogger The Frog

Very well put together guide