Tuesday, May 19, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 2:18 AM
This video is a guide to show exactly how to solo the Dwarfageddon achievement in Ulduar. The video recorded is on the 25 man version, with a warlock that is geared in 10 Naxx armor just to reinforce how even the most undergeared players can obtain this achievement easily. Obviously 10 man version will not be an issue at all.

Your vehicle will be a lot better with the more combined item level you have. If you have all best slotted, you'll be able to kill the Sentry's in about 6 hits, otherwise as for the warlock, it took probably 30. Same with the nuking, you will only have to nuke twice to kill everything if you are well geared.

You can bring as many friends as the instance will hold to do this as well. I advise to only have a maximum of 2 people run out on bikes and clump dwarves, the other should ride passenger or just stay close in other vehicles. Too many people might split the dwarves too much and make you take longer than 10 seconds.

Most importantly, doing this will not get you saved to Ulduar. You yourself would have to not be saved to Ulduar already though and go into a fresh instance that hasn't killed Flame Leviathan yet in order to do this event. You'll have to invite a friend and form a raid to get inside, but after that you can drop raid and it wont kick you out and you can confuse the heck out of your guildies when your achievement pops up in guild chat. Here is the video:

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