Wednesday, December 1, 2010, posted by WoW Fan at 12:27 PM
This is a very useful and new exploit whereby you can pull mobs or bosses from 10 yards to a massive 150 yards away. What is need is the quest item [Enohar's Explosive Arrow] provided for the newly created quest (sadly Alliance only) Curtail the Darktail from Enohar Thunderbrew in Blasted Lands can be used on any target, off the GCD.

- Has a .5 second cast time, so it cannot be used during other casts, but it can be used while moving. Has a minimum range of 15 yards, and maximum of 150.
- Provides no threat, or damage. Does not tag mobs.
- Places you and the target in combat.
- Does not require line of sight.
- Will flag you for pvp if using against a pvp target.

Some useful uses I have found after some testing:
- Pull anything from farther than the range of your skills. Does not tag the mob, however - you must still use a typical attack that will tag the mob for loot/credit. As it does not require line of site, I have pulled mobs and bosses from around corners in various dungeons.
- Keep players in combat, so they cannot stealth or use mounts.
- Kite mobs without damaging them.

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At April 20, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Anonymous DragonParadox

This is great for Alliance, but what about horde?