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I personally did this as a level 70 hunter with tier2/3 gear. Survival spec was nice, but BM is nicer cause you regen health after time, and it helps if you want a quick farm, at least for me it helped.

Blade's Edge Mountain, sub-zone: "Skald" at 72:23

- "Searing Elemental" => Primary farm subject in this guide.
Level: 67-68
Status: Hostile
Health: 6300-6600
= Mote of Fire (1-2)

- "Scorch Imp" => As a side farm if you need runecloth for bandages, etc.

Level: 67-68

Status: Hostile

Health: 5000-5100

Mana: 2933-2991

Worth: ~11s 99c

= Netherweave Cloth (1-3) = Mote of Shadow (1-2)

So anyway, WHY is this place so special? For me it was the Primal Fire.

For my realm, I sold each Primal Fire for around 20-30 gold. Some days it was worth 30 gold (and over), and other days it sunk down to 20 gold. Average was 25 gold per Primal Fire. In 1 hour, I gathered 5x Primal Fire (more or less) and that is equaled to minimum 120g if the price on your realm is right.

Sell the Primal Fire for minimum 20 gold and you will make around 100 gold hourly if you gather 5 primals in 1 hour of course. Farming is not easy, it needs time, and it needs buyers. - On the side to the Primals, you also get a lot of gray and some green stuff to vendor for extra cash, so have fun farming!

Primal Fire x10 = 250g (25g per primal) If you get 10 primal fire each day, you will end up with 5000 gold in around 20 days. It's not bad at all, if you don't got any more quests left to do for gold. But when you are at the stage when you don't got quests left, you usually have around 3000 gold, so you won't use 20 days, maybe a week if you farm efficiently and each day.

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At March 26, 2007 at 3:12 PM, Anonymous Huma

As I recall, there was a really quick repop rate of the mobs there.. Need to take care, becouse they are close to each other too.. Anyway, its a good tip.. I'm making money with Fel Armaments, and Mark of Sargeras.. That sells good also.. Maybe I'll try this too, but I'm affraid there will be a great competition there. ;-)


At March 26, 2007 at 5:20 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

if i was on ur server, i would just follow u around to learn the many locations to make money... lol


At March 27, 2007 at 5:00 PM, Anonymous Huma

Lol, If u were in my server, I and a couple of dudes would follow u all around dude.. hehe.. U lead, we follow.. ^_^