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Obtaining a Nether Drake mount is a must to many as it looks truly awesome. In order to shorten the time, hunting for Netherwing Eggs is a well known method but getting them is another story altogether. As each egg gives out equivalent to some of the daily quests (250 rep per turn in), it can shorten the entire process fairly quickly.

Here are the coordinates for Netherwing Egg spawns which does not include those from mining or herbing of course.

Inside Mine
68, 85 (in mine)
74, 87 (in mine)
72, 88 (in mine)
64, 86 (Entrance of mine)
74, 88 (Near crazed guys)
69, 88 (bottom of ramps in big room)
64, 87 (mine entrance, right by a box)
75, 86 (in mine, flayer area, back in cove)
71, 80 (in mine, by flayers)
66, 82 (in mine, by waterwheel)

Netherwing Ledge
66, 91 (edge of shelf, behind crystals)
68, 94 (on island on south of shelf)
65, 84 (right in camp, by racers)
68, 81 (on top of hill)
78, 83 (side of cliff, down in a little crevace)
66, 91 (don't remember, first egg I found)
65, 84 (on top of crystal)
71, 86 (on top of mountain, by den mother)
77, 85 (on top of mountain)
63, 82 (on ground, beneath crystal)

Dragonmaw Camp on Mainland:
69, 63 (top of building)
70, 62 (upper level of zuluhed's building)
68, 59 (up in tower by dragon rider)
67, 61 (wagon in mainland camp)

For a clearer understanding, have a look at this video below for all the Netherwing Egg spawns at Dragonmaw Camp:

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At August 27, 2007 at 10:10 PM, Anonymous Huma

Thx dude, This will be surely a help for those, who are doing that.

Fortunatelly I've done it with my main, but untortunatelly EVERY tauren sits on the lean on this mount. Not in streight. :-(


At September 15, 2007 at 4:01 PM, Blogger Daryl W.T. Lau

LOL... thats a good observation indeed but hey.. a Netherdrake is nonetheless unique and much better looking than the Skettis one in my opinion.