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Here are some of the current daily quests and their requirements.

Skyguard Daily Quests

Fires Over Skettis
Requires: Skyguard neutral, Threat From Above complete
Where: Sky sergeant Doryn at Blackwind landing
What to do: Take the charges on your flying mount and bomb eggs on Skettis rooftops.
Reward: 11.99 gold, 350 Skyguard rep

Escape from Skettis
Requires: Skyguard neutral, Threat From Above complete
Where: He has 3 different spawn points. Look at the map linked.
What to do: A very short escort, two special mobs spawn
Reward: 11.99 gold and two mana potions or 3 healing potions, 350 skyguard rep

Bomb them Again
Requires: Skyguard neutral, Orgi'la neutral, Threat From Above complete, Orgri'la opening chain complete
Where: Skyguard outpost in Blade' edge
What to do: take the bombs and destroy stacks of fel cannonballs. Beware, the cannons will shoot at you and knock you out of the sky.
Reward: 11.99 gold and 15 apexis shards 500 Skyguard rep, 500 Orgri'la rep

Wrangle more Rays
Requires Skyguard neutral, Orgri'la neutral, Threat From Above complete, Ogri'la chain complete
Where: skyguard outpost in Blade's edge
What to do: Get the rays down to 20% and use the rope to catch them. You can return to the gnome to deposit rays each time if you don't like them flying around you spazzing out.
Reward: 11.99 gold, 15 shards 350 skyguard rep 350 Ogri'la rep

Ogri'la Daily Quests (some are shared with the skyguard)

The Relic's Emanations
Requires: orgri'la neutral, orgrila chain complete
Where: Orgri'la plateu
What to do: Use an apexis shard to play Simon Says up to the 1.5 hour buff and return to Orgri'la.
Reward: 11.99 gold, 15 apexis shards, 250 Orgri'la rep

Banish the Demons
requires: Orgri'la honoured
Where: Forge camps north and south of orgrila
What to do: Use the crystal to summon a portal, and kill demons near the portal.
Reward: 11.99 gold, a grab bag (for the darkrune event) 250 orgri'la rep

Netherwing Daily Quests
All Netherwing quests require 300 riding skill to start. You must also first complete the chain Kindness -> Zuluhed the Whacked to unlock Netherwing.

A Slow Death
Requires: Netherwing neutral
Where: the goblin in town
What to do: kill and shadowmoon valley animal and take the fel glands. Go to the groups of peons and set the meat down. Avoid wandering repair bills.
Reward: gold 250 Netherwing rep

Disrupting the Twilight Portal
Requires: Netherwing honoured
Where: The twilight ridge in nagrand, Orc camp in shadowmoon valley
What to do: go to the twilight ridge in nagrand and kill 20 twilight mobs
Reward: gold 500 Netherwing rep

Dragons are the Least of our Problems
Requires: Netherwing
Where: dragonmaw foreman
What to do: Go into the mine and kill nethermine flayers and ravagers
Reward: gold 350 Netherwing rep

Nethercite ore / Nether pollen / Netherflayer hide
Requires: netherwing neutral, requires mining / herbalism / skinning (only getherers may complete these quests. Those with two gathering professions can do two)
Where: Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath
what to do: bring him 40 ore, 40 dust or 35 flayer hides. Each are gathered from island and around dragonmaw fortress.
Reward: gold 250 Netherwing rep

Netherwing Crystals
Requires: netherwing neutral
Where: Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath
What to do: kill any mob on netherwing ledge for crystals. Give him 40
Reward: gold 250 Netherwing rep

The Booterang - Cure For the Common Worthless Peon
Requires: Netherwing Friendly
Where: Orc under an awning, near the fighting pit (east side of town?)
What to do: Discipline 20 peons
Reward: Gold 350 Netherwing rep

Picking up the Pieces
Requires: Netherwing Friendly
Where: Gotten from Mistress of the Mines
What to do: Gather 15 Nethermine Cargo
Reward: Gold 350 Netherwing rep

The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid
Requires: Netherwing Revered
Where: Gotten from elite NPC in the Aldor/Scryer towns.
What to do: Defend the Aldor or Scryer towns (your faction) from a Dragonmaw attack
Reward: Gold 500 Netherwing rep

Not So Friendly Skies
Requires: Netherwing Neutral
Where: Gotten from the goblin, I think
What to do: Gather 10 Netherwing Relics off the Transporters flying between the Ledge and the Mainland
Reward: Gold 250 Netherwing rep

Honor Hold Daily Quests

Hellfire fortifications: Alliance
Requires: Honor Hold neutral
Where: Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell in Honor Hold
What to do: Capture the Overlook, The Stadium and Broken Hill. This is a PVP objective and will flag you for pvp on a PvE server.
Rewards: 1 Gold, 3 mark of Honor Hold and 150 Honor Hold rep

Thrallmar Daily Quests

Hellfire Fortifications: Horde
Requires: Thrallmar neutral
Where: Battlecryer Blackeye in Thrallmar
What to do: Capture the Overlook, The Stadium and Broken Hill. This is a PVP objective and will flag you for pvp on a PvE server.
Rewards: 1 Gold, 3 mark of Thrallmar and 150 Thrallmar rep

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At June 19, 2007 at 7:57 PM, Anonymous Huma

Nice list dude. Well done..

(a bit late, becouse I got my ray mount last weekend, but it's a nice post imo.. ^_^)

As an addition, I want to ask, Org'rilla neutral requires some 5man quests, right? All start in Sattarath, lower city, with an ogre. Skyguard needs a solo quest can be obtained from an NPC near the Shattara flight master.


At August 7, 2007 at 3:56 PM, Anonymous Huma

I will never get that damn dragon.. (I said the same for the nether ray too, lol) :-D


At October 18, 2007 at 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

thanks a bunch this made things simple and easy for me, ty


At January 18, 2008 at 6:23 AM, Blogger Darvell Hunt

Did you intend to just create a list of daily reputation quests? Because there are others, including battlegrounds, heroic, and cooking daily quests.


At January 24, 2008 at 4:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

The reward for Escape from Skettis is wrong. I think it's like 9 gold 10 silver instead of 11 gold 99 silver.


At January 28, 2008 at 1:44 AM, Blogger Rich

Nice, maybe add some co-ords for those using mods to make things even easier.

That said, its very handy...


At March 26, 2008 at 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

how about adding the sunwell quests to this list


At October 7, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Sunwell isn't in the outlands. This list is however missing all the outland pvp quests and the Shattered Sun quests that are in the outlands.