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To start off, let me state that this requires some planning and the right combination of players to attempt this. That being said, it is still very much worth all the effort. Here's what you need to arrange:

- 15-25 well geared People in Raid
- Kalecgos must be already be dead
- Brutallus must be still alive
- Shattrath to Sunwell Isle portal to be Effective

Why Are We Killing Trash Mobs Again and Again?
When you ask this question you probably didn't saw the awesome trashmob drops in Sunwell Plateau. Awesome recipes, Epic Gems, Sunmotes, and some very very nice epic Items on a pretty good drop rate!

What Specific Trash Are We Targetting?
Well, the group of mobs we are aiming for is the 6-BloodElf-Group before Brutallus, right after Kalecgos platform. Every 2 hours there will be one big Sunwell Protector you need to get rid off, but that isn't the problem.

How To Kill This Group Over And Over Again?
Be sure to bring some mages along. A total of 4 would be the best strategy. Sheep 4 of the mobs, kill the first two ones. After this kill 3 Sheeps one at a time and then leave one sheep behind. Walk with the raid slightly back to Kalecgos platform. One mage uses invisibility to get out of combat and makes portal to Shattrath. Everyone goes through it. If everyone is out this trash pack resets which means new possible fresh loot all over again.

Now use the Shattrath portal to go back to Sunwell Isle and enter Sunwell Plateau again. Use the teleport to get up to Kalecgos platform, mark the group again, kill, leave one sheep behind and so on... for as long as you want. Just remember to never kill the entire pack!

We are doing this with my guild pretty often and we're so fast, we kill and re-enter the instance again in almost 4-5 minutes with a really good droprate on Epics and Patterns!

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At May 14, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

You could also do the same thing with the 2nd and 3rd pull in the instance, and run out with 2 mobs sheeped.