Saturday, February 23, 2008, posted by WoW Fan at 4:46 PM
Weapon leveling is a daunting task especially for melee classes with the wide array of weapons available in the game. Hence the need to do so easily is preferred rather than heading back to low level areas and chasing after mobs after mobs. Here are 2 of my favorite locations in Outlands to do so.

Shadowmoon Valley
Approx. Cords: 70, 50

This is by far the best place for me and not only is it fast but safe as well. All you have to do is clear some of the warlocks surrounding Azaloth and just melee him while he is banished without agroing the remaining warlocks. Best position to do this is right behind him to avoid patrolling mobs. You would need a flying mount to get to this elevated location though.

Shadow Labyrinth Entrance at Auchindoun

As you enter Shadow Labyrinth or Slabs for short, you will notice mobs exiting from the portal and engaging battle with the npcs in the chamber. All you have to do is wait for them to be in combat and dps them to level your weapon skill. You would need a Shadow Labyrinth Key to enter though. This place is great do level up your weapon skill while waiting for your party to arrive for any of the Auchindoun instances.

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