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One of my favorite things to do on off-days or just prior to the weekly server maintenance is to run Molten Core and BWL with a friend. Not only is it fun, but you can easily make a lot of gold while doing it! Here is what you will be farming or looking out for:

Molten Core

*Golemagg the Incinerator is a fairly simple boss that has a chance to drop 1-2 Sulfuron Ingot. On my server, these ingots go for around 900G as people still like to get the hand of ragnaros as a throphy. You and a friend should be able to get to him in a few minutes by timing your runs, swimming in some lava, and jumping off the bridge over him.

*Fiery Core has a pretty good chance of dropping off Firewalkers and other trash mobs is MC. On my server, these sell for about 70G each.

* Most of the bosses in MC can drop patterns and recipes for items/enchants which cannot be found anywhere else. Believe it or not, many of these are very rare and are worth quite a lot. In one run I got 2 enchanting recipes which I posted on the AH for 500G each or more. They sold within 2 hours. If you don't see the item in the AH, feel free to post it for a crazy price, there are always collectors that want it.

*Tier Collectors still exist in the game. In one full run, my friend and I got 6 BoE bracers/belts. Although these aren't worth as much as they were back at 60, I still manage to sell them for 80G each.

A Ret Paladin and Feral Druid should be able to clear every single boss in MC in 1-2 hours by self healing with JoL and SoL. Practically any class combos can do this and some well geared people can even solo the entire place.

Here are some basic strategies for 2 manning this thing:

Lucifron: Kill the adds then take down the boss
Magmadar: Tank and spank
Baron Geddon: Tank and spank, dispel mana drain and watch out for bombs.
Garr: Kill the adds and take down the boss
Gehennas: Kill adds then quickly burn boss down. If you cannot decurse, this will be hard, he reduces healing by 75%.
Golemagg the Incinerator: Tank adds while killing boss.
Shazzrah: Tank and spank
Sulfuron Harbinger: Nuke his healers, take out his adds, then burn boss.
Majordomo Executus: Kill his healers then the other adds. He will surrender after they die.
Ragnaros: Tank and spank, kill adds, tank and spank.

BlackWing Lair

For this, you will need a small group. I did it with 4 well geared people but you may need more. After you kill the first three bosses, you will face Firemaw. He can be a little tricky so you can leave him up if you want, just pull when he is on his patrol. Blackwing Technicians have a 12% chance to drop Elementium Ore. On my server, the ore sells for 250G a piece. If you pull a group of technicians, kill all of them but 1, and jump off the ledge and run out of the instance, the surviving technician will run back and the group will respawn. Simply run back and loot the ones you killed then repeat the process. The beauty of this is that you can 1-2 man depending on your class. I usually ask my party to skip them then return with a friend to farm them. You can sell a stack of Elementium Ore for 5000G on my server.

Although there are better ways of making money, I personally have a lot more fun running these old instances and the gold isn't bad either. Granted, a lot of it depends on your server and luck. Happy farming!

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