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This is a basic guide of the new 3.2 patch 5-man instance called Trial of the Champion located at Icecrown. Firstly you need to setup your group in the standard manner of 1 tank, 1 heals and 3 dps. Everyone zone in, equip their lance, mount up and starts putting up 3 shields on themselves. Once the event has started 3 Champions with 3 adds will come out a gate but they don't attack until they are all grouped outside. When they are all outside in the circle the 3 group of adds will start attacking, kill them in whichever order your party prefers but mark them and focus on killing one at a time. After those adds are dead 3 more adds will come until all the adds are dead.

When all the adds are dead, there should be 3 champions standing and they will all charge at your group, you should mark them to kill in order once again. When one champion is down he will try to remount, so quickly run over to them and stun them for 15 secs. Phase one will end when all the champions are off there mounts. So make sure you stun them until you have defeated the other champions. When they are all on the ground, quickly re-equip you're weapons!

Phase 2
Everyone will be on the ground and you will start to kill the champions. It varys of what the classes are but it shouldn't be hard to figure out what to kill first. Once they are all dead there will be a chest in the middle loot it of course! In heroic it gives 1 [Epic] item, 1 conquest emblem and 1 champion seal.

Argent Crusade Fight
You will face either Eadric the Pure (Male Paladin), or Argent Confessor Paletress (Female Priest). You need to kill the adds and then the boss and very importantly to destroy the Lightwell that heals them. At 25% you will fight a "Memory" which is supposed to be mobs from the good old Vanilla WoW, TBC and etc.. When he or she is dead, there will be another chest in the middle of the room and it drops 2 epic items, 1 conquest emblem and 1 champion seal in heroic mode.

The Black Knight
For the final battle, the Black Knight will fly into the arena and will summon a ghoul, you have to kill him and his ghoul and after he is dead he will resurrect and cast "army of the dead" but watch out as the ghouls explode. After he dies he will resurrect once last time as a ghost form, in this form just kill him as fast as possible. The Black Knight also drops 2 epic items, 1 conquest emblem and 1 champion seal.

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