Monday, July 13, 2009, posted by WoW Fan at 2:34 AM
So if you happen to level a new alchemist on your new character and managed to get to 350 (and lvl 68), then you get to choose a specialization. I obviously wanted Elixir mastery since I understand that it is the most profitable one.

So I went to pick up the quest and as soon as I saw BM I died a little from the inside as I couldn't be bothered farming the rep so I dropped it. I then went to pick up Pot Mastery instead, I saw it involved BoT and dropped it also since no one seems to be running those instances anymore.

Hence I took up Transmutation Mastery and thought it might come in handy especially with the 3.2 patch for gems transmutations.

But it kinda saddened me that I wouldn't make any decent profit till 3.2 so I decided I'd drop the Transmutation Master specialization (which I had become) and do the Elixir quest with the help of a guild mate of mine.

So I went up to pick the quest and figured out that because I had become Transmute Master, I could become Elixir Master without doing the darn quest and thankfully I was right.

So, to summarized this all up:

1. Become Trans Master (4 Primal Mights like 50g on my server)
2. Drop It
3. Go to the Elixir Master in Shat or Pot Master in Zangarmash
4. Become one of the above with only 150g spend and no rep farming effort

This is for people leveling alts or stuck on a Mastery they do not want. I am pretty sure it is old and all, but sometimes the simplest of things can be overlooked.

As a side note, you need to go to your current mastery trainer to drop it before you can take up a new alchemy specialization of your choice.

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